Day Out in Blackpool

Things have been quiet around here, and that’s mostly because we have been extremely busy. Of course, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so we have very skillfully taken up the nack of combining work and play. On this ocassion we decided to detour to Blackpool in the North West of England. This seaside town has many attractions such as Madame Tussauds, The Blackpool Tower, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and Sealife Aquarium to name a few. I’ve been coming across many brochures in hotel lobbies, and service stations advertising Blackpool and all it has to offer, so I was quite eager to and see it for myself. Before I give you my verdict on Blackpool though, take a peek at our trip.
On this occassion the Mister booked us a stay at The Maydor, a B&B only a few minutes walk to the seafront. Located on a narrow road reminiscent of any seaside town The Maydor doesn’t quite stand out from the plethora of B&B’s on the road, that is until you meet the staff. I didn’t stay in any other B&B’s on that street, but I have stayed at B&B’s in the past and this was the most positive experience I’ve had with any landlord, in this case the landlady was absolutely lovely! 
We chatted with her throughout our stay, and it wasn’t the awkward chat that most English people try to avoid. She was very genuine, and shared with us her plans for the future of the B&B, and a little about the history behind her time there. All in all, it was so lovely to deal with someone so friendly!
Our room was compact, yet housed everything that we would need to feel comfortable, including an en suite and coffee/tea making facilities. We could even see the lit up Blackpool Tower from our window. The bed was quite comfortable, and the place was clean – you can’t beat that! There was free parking on the street, and we were quite lucky to nab a free spot. Breakfast the next morning was cooked, and though it wasn’t a massive spread it was quite enough fuel to keep us going until our late lunch. All in all the place was nice, clean, great location, and the landlady and her family were lovely people. 
One of the best things about being away is the chance to try some delicious food. In this case we opted to take a stroll to enjoy the evening, and headed towards the sea front. After a long day we didn’t want to spend too much time trying to find a place so we opted to return closer to the hotel and found a delicious little fish restaurant about 3 minutes walk from the B&B. When we popped into C Fresh there were a few people in the restaurant, and even though it might have been indicative of a place that doesn’t get much business (especially on a Friday night), I’m glad we decided to stay. 
To say that the fish was fresh is an understatement! I can bet that it was caught earlier in the day, it was absolutely delicious and the light batter was thin enough to give you the chance to get a mouthful of fresh fish in every bite. As you can see our fish were massive, and even though we struggled we devoured it. The chips were quite nice, but I just couldn’t stomach the flavourless peas. Regardless, it was a nice place to pop in for some Friday seaside grub. 
When it comes to Blackpool overall, I was quite disappointed that a town by the seaside and with so many attractions was so run down. I have heard so many things about the North of England, but hand’t seen first hand how run down, and deprived an area could look. This is by no means an elitist opinion, it’s just truly a shame to see a place that could have potential not be able to live up to it. I honestly don’t think that I’ll be coming back to Blackpool anytime soon, but as the saying goes, never say never.