Destination London: My First London Moment

It’s fascinating how one can be taken with a city they have never been to, that’s what happened to me with London years before I ever made it across the pond. The vibrancy of the city was captivating, and the prospect of exploring a city with so much culture and a rich history always kept my dreams of coming to the capital of England alive. 

We all have stories of the first time we made it to one of the destinations on our travel wishlist, and my ‘I’m in London’ moment did not take place whilst I look down on the beautiful patchwork created by the fields, nor did it happen when I first heard the recording on the tube urging me to “mind the gap”. 

It happened on a chilly October night, my first night in London, when I walked up the steps out of Picadilly Circus to the most beautiful display of lights I had feasted my eyes on. The city of London and all that I envisaged it to be was right there in front of my own eyes. I assure you, it didn’t disappoint. That night we had such an amazing time walking around the city, taking buses, taking trains, and feeling the vibrancy and buzz that radiated from everything and everyone around us. 

This rubbish photo from the night will have to do

Even though I’ve lived within driving distance of London, my favourite London moments involve booking a room as central as I can and enjoying the city with the expertise of a local, but with the wander of a tourist. Because you really can’t beat waking up and going to bed in a city that if even for a few days is all your own.