Dietbon Review – Gourmet Weight Loss Meals Delivered to You

collaborative post – we were sent a week’s worth of Dietbon weight loss meals to review at no cost; however, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Weight management issues are something many of us deal with. Whether it’s our sedentary lifestyles or health issues there are always many reasons we can give as to why we aren’t a) exercising enough or b) eating healthier – or even a combination of both. The thing is, when you finally commit to making changes in your diet do you even know what sort of diet you should follow? If one is not informed it’s difficult to know where to start.

There are many things one can do, but why go it alone? In this post I am teaming up with Dietbon to review their gourmet weight loss meals which are delivered straight to you! This isn’t a run of the mill diet program though. Keep reading and find out how I got on with my 1 week trial of Dietbon.

What is Dietbon?

Dietbon is a unique diet plan. Their home delivered meals are made with 100% natural ingredients – no palm oil, artificial sweeteners, additives, preservatives, colourings, or genetically modified ingredients. On top of that, your diet plan is tailored to you as you get a consulation with a dietician before you begin your programme. Which is a great way to get started as you will already feel like you are being set up for success.

In order to help you achieve your weight loss goals in a realistic way, Dietbon’s week of food includes meals for 6 days out of the week and gives you the 7th day off so you can still enjoy the social aspect of dining.

Another good thing about the programme is that you get to choose what you will eat! There are 60+ dishes to choose from for lunch and dinner and 7 breakfast options, snack options, and dessert options. With the foods cooked and ready to eat all you need to do is pop them in the microwave for a couple of minutes and you’re ready to eat!

So, what was the programme like, let’s find out.

My Dietbon Review Experience

Dietary Consulation

The first part of my Dietbon experience was the dietary consultation. The dietician that I spoke with was professional and asked me about any special dietary needs, explained the plan, and answered my questions. It all seemed pretty simple so it was nice to start on the right foot.

The Food

The most important part of any diet programme, to me, is the food. There is no point in having all the support in the world if you just can’t bring yourself to follow the programme. I wanted variety when it came to the main meals so it was nice to be able to select from different culinary options – from Mexican meatballs, to ravioli, to chicken tikka. Variety is the spice of life and I was really looking to trying out the varied mains.

For my breakfast meals I opted for the pancakes, snacks were mini lemon cakes, and desserts were apple compote.

Breakfast – Pancakes

When I saw the breakfast options I knew the pancakes were the way to go. There are other breakfast options, such as muesli and breads if you’d prefer. But with the pancakes being absolutely delicious why would you not? I toasted them and ate them plain and they were so good. Though the website does say you can have a very thin layer of maple syrup, honey, or jam with them. It was hard not to eat the entire box at once!

Lunches & Dinners

The lunches and dinners were interchangeable really, and that was quite pleasant. I didn’t want to have to stick to a dry salad for lunch and be so ravenous by dinner that the purpose of the diet was defeated. With the variation in cuisines and types of proteins included it was a nice option to have the choice.

There were some meals that were actually really tasty! The minced chicken in sauce was one of them. The sauce was very good and the chicken was tender. Another favourite was the sauteed pork with potatoes, carrots, and bacon. The pork was tender and the dish was packed with lots of flavour! The veal in sauce was also a winner!

I found that the stew type meals were good. The sauces that were used made the dishes, really. If I had to eat them without the sauce I am sure it would be a different experience. Which is what I noticed with the salmon pasta, for example.

Snacks – Mini Lemon Cakes

The mini lemon cakes looked nice enough so I chose them as my snack for the entire week. I found them to be quite dense and dry though, and for 141 kcal each too I’d have thought they’d be a bit nicer. It was a bit of a shame and in hindsight I should have opted for the nuts, almonds, and chocolate cereal bars. But hey, what can you do. The mini lemon cakes are not on the Dietbon website at the time of publishing, but I have been assured they will be back soon.

On top of that, there was a mouldy mini lemon cake in the box. Which was a shame, but also good to see because it gave me more confidence to know that their products are preservative free.

The Desserts – Fruit Dessert

The fruit dessert was basically apple & pear puree. It was grainy and not very appetising. I didn’t find them very nice on their own so had a pancake with them for dessert or skipped it altogether.

The Tea

The plan also came with the morning & evening detox tea. The tea was actually quite nice though I don’t know how much of a detox it can actually do. But if you enjoy tea, it’s not a bad one to drink.

So, how did I get on?

As with any diet programme you can’t expect to have everything be 100% to your palate. The food was hit and miss, but most of it was good. That’s to be expected, really. There were some gems though, which was good to know as if I chose to continue the diet plan I could have known which meals were to my liking.

When I started the plan I wasn’t going to weigh myself to measure my progress. As for me, a week of dieting doesn’t seem to do much on the scale. Where I really feel the difference is in my clothing, so that’s how I guage it. I do weigh myself monthly or so when following a diet programme. In this case, I could feel that my clothes was looser and had a little bit more give.

Would I continue on Dietbon?

Honestly, no. A calorie restricted diet doesn’t work as well for me – physically and mentally as a diet like the ketogenic diet does. However, I would recommend Dietbon if you have less weight to lose and need a boost to reach a weight loss goal for a specific event.

Dietbon is good for those who lead busy lifestyles as it’s simple to pick up and pack your breakfast, lunch, and snack to take with you on the go or to work. 

The cost

Here’s the breakdown:

• 1 month: £76 per week
• 2 months: £67 per week
• 3 months: £59 per week
• 4 months: £44 per week

This amounts to less than £7 per day for 4 meals, including delivery and
dietary consultations.

Try Dietbon For Yourself!

If you want to try Dietbon’s weight loss meals for yourself sign up for Dietbon here to receive a 15% discount with the code “WELCOME” as well as a free 28-day Morning & Night detox tea cure.

Here’s what you’ll recieve:

  • Inital dietary consultation by phone
  • Weekly online groups led by a dietician
  • Monthly dietary consultation by phone
  • My Dietbon guide to success – an 84 page guide
  • breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and dessert for 6 days of the week
  • 28 day morning & night detox tea

So, there you have it. I’d love to know what your experience is with a meal delivery weight loss meals programme and if you have tried Dietbon, let me know in the comments!

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