Discover The Benefits Of Drinking Water Every Day

Water is essential for life as we know it. In fact, there is no living organism on our planet that can survive without it. It is in every cell of your body and is crucial to the process of bringing nutrients to your cells and taking away toxins.

The simple fact is that you are 60% water and yet, many people do not appreciate the importance of drinking water daily or the differences in water quality.

For instance, were you aware that many bottled waters are simply tap water? This is completely legal, you are simply paying for the convenience. In addition, the water that comes out of the faucet may not be as safe to drink as you assume. 

After all, it is treated with chemicals that may have a link to an increased risk of cancer. The water also goes through hundreds of miles of pipes, giving the opportunity to pick up a variety of contaminants. That is why so many households have installed water filters. If you choose to go down this route make sure you pick a reputable supply of water filters Melbourne.

The good news is that, once you have sorted the water supply, your body will benefit from drinking approximately eight large glasses a day.


Your body is constantly using water. You sweat it out when it is hot or you are exercising, you expel it in your urine, and it is used in a variety of other chemical reactions inside your body. In short, if you don’t drink enough of it you will become dehydrated. That is a serious condition that leads to confusion, disorientation, and in extreme cases, death.

Oral Health

You probably already brush your teeth every day and floss. But, did you know that drinking water helps to minimize the harmful bacteria in your mouth, specifically neutralizing the acids produced by bacteria that attack teeth?

Digestive System

If you drink enough water your digestive system will find it easier to soften the food you eat and absorb the necessary nutrients. Simply drinking enough water can eliminate digestive complaints and it will help to ensure you are never constipated. Water is an essential part of feces. 

Decreased Risk Of Illness

People are living longer thanks to improvements in medicine. But, living longer is only beneficial if you have a good quality of life. Drinking water daily has been shown to reduce the risk of long-term illnesses. That is a real benefit as you live for longer. 

Skin Health

Your skin is your protective layer and as you age it loses a little of its elasticity. But, drinking water encourages the production of collagen and fills the skin cells, keeping it looking and feeling great no matter how old you are.  

The simple fact is that drinking high-quality water, preferably after it has been filtered, will help you to stay healthy and live a longer life without the need for assistance. That’s a good enough reason to reach for a glass. 

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