3 Ways to Treat The Man in Your Life

When it comes to gifts, I’m not the first to say it and I won’t be the last, men have it easy. All it takes to put a smile on our faces is a beautiful bunch of flowers and a box of our favourite chocolates. It might be a cliche but what woman doesn’t like receiving flowers and chocolates? The thing about buying for the man in your life, even your partner who you know inside out, is that it can be a real struggle to get it right.
If the man in your life is in need of a little treat, you might be struggling to know what to get him. To help you find a gift that’s guaranteed to put a smile on his face, here’s what you need to do.

The Man in Your Life: Think about What He Likes

Start off by thinking about his likes and dislikes. For instance, what sports team does he support? Is he a football lover or a golf addict? Does he have a keen interest in cooking? Has he always loved the idea of brewing his own beer? Think about the things that he likes and dislikes and make a list of them. Look at the list and come up with some ideas that link to the things he likes. For example, if he’s always wanted to brew his own beer, book him onto a beer brewing course. Or, if he’s a BBQ lover, buy tickets to a BBQ event or cooking class. Use the things he likes to come up with an idea for a present that he’ll love.

What’s His Favourite Treat?

beer gift set: the man in your life
Still struggling? Don’t stress, how about making him a hamper up of all his favourite treats? Think about what he loves to snack on and drink, and make him up a gourmet gift hamper of little treats. If for example, he loves fudge, find a company that offers a range of unique and interesting flavours. Or, if he’s beer mad, look for a company that sells a range of fun and different beers. Or if he’s a whiskey drinker choose a bottle with a difference, such as Japanese whiskey that’s made from rice. How about whiskey with a hint of honey in it, perhaps?

Does he love steak – how about a meat hamper of all his favourite cuts? If there’s a restaurant he’s crazy about, add a voucher for it to the hamper. Get creative and make him up the most amazing gift hamper.

Has he mentioned anything he’d like to see or do?

Think back, has the man in your life mentioned anything that he would like to see or do? Is there, perhaps, somewhere that he would like to visit? Days out can make fantastic gifts; it’s just a case of finding one that he’ll love. Is there a local theme park he’s been begging you to visit with him? Has he always wanted to spend a few days exploring a certain city? Think about the things he’s mentioned to you that he’d like to do and use them to come up with a day or night out that he’ll love.
Just like he comes home with flowers every now and then, it’s nice to treat him to a little something. He may not appreciate a bunch of flowers, but he’s sure to love one of the gift ideas above. It’s just a case of getting creative and finding all the best options for surprising him.
What are your favourite ways to treat the man in your life?
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