Drinks trends you need to know about for 2019

As consumers we tend to be more and more fickle and like to focus on trends. From fashion trends to food trends we try to indulge in whatever is all the rage at the moment. Speaking of food trends, did you know that even what we drink can be subject to a trend? With so much of 2019 still ahead of us why not check out what this year’s drink trends have in store?

Low-to-no alcohol drinks

What was once a relatively small market is growing year-on-year. That’s according to a report by the Guardian, who noted the distinct shift in view towards alcohol in Millennials. According to the newspaper, a quarter of 16-24 year olds don’t drink at all and 27 per cent of Brits claimed to be drinking more low and none-alcoholic drinks nowadays.

The trend is so prevalent that Diageo, a leading UK alcoholic beverages company, predicts that low- and no-alcohol drinks will be the number one drinks trend for 2019.

Exciting cocktails (or mocktails)

That’s not to say that less alcohol means less fun. Quite the contrary, as the younger generation is actively looking for more interesting flavours and textures in their drinks. Bartenders have more scope than ever before to try out new combinations and new flavours and create new drinks trends. And the current market will be open to trying it.

Its predicted that bars will indeed become more adventurous with flavours in a bid to stand out from the competition, with savoury flavours a possible route for drinks trends.

Textures are also rising in popularity, and they are a great way to shake things up. Plus, there’s a thirst for colourful nostalgia — it photographs well for social media! Blend this desire for texture, and serve up 2019’s sure-fire drinks trend: slushie cocktails. After 2016’s frosé craze, slush drinks are set to take the mantle to far more creative heights! Plus, contrary to the stereotype, these frozen cocktails don’t need to be sweet, with bartenders whipping up dry and balanced tasting chilly drinks too! It’s bringing colourful memories of childhood back for an adult my audience, full of fun textures. What’s not to love?

We think these drinks would be a great base for a mocktail too. With more people choosing to forgo alcohol, that shouldn’t mean having to forgo variety. Customers will want something more exciting than cola or lemonade — no-alcohol frozen cocktails would certainly be a winner!

Drinks trends: Strawberry based cocktail with real strawberry hanging on glass rim.


Whether it’s down to the five in 100 people in the UK being lactose intolerant, or the 3.5 million Brits now following a vegan lifestyle, dairy-free options are on the rise. In fact, the milk alternatives sector is predicted to rise globally by 43 per cent over the next four years.  

Couple this with the surging health consciousness of the UK and the call to ban such dairy-and-sugar concoctions such as freakshakes, and cafes will need to go back to the drawing board for their milkshake menu.

Adding a non-dairy option to your drinks menu will keep you ahead of the game in 2019. Milkshakes can easily be made non-dairy with some vegan ice cream and soya, coconut, or oat milk. Experiment with different flavours to really entice new customers, like this peaches ‘n’ cream vegan milkshake that bucks the chocolate-or-strawberry milkshake stereotype!


Of course, while consumers are looking for a few more healthy options in their drinks, they also want to know that their drinks were healthy for the planet too. For 2019, it’s definitely time to review your bar equipment and catering supplies. Plastic straws are being rapidly phased out for eco-friendly alternatives, such a paper straw, for example. A good, transparent supply line can reassure customers of their purchase.

What do you expect to see more of in our glasses as 2019 unfolds? Are there any 2018 drinks trends you’ll be happy to see having its last orders?

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