Benefits of Using Electrical Thermal Imaging Services for Properties

Electricity has become everyone’s main source of power to generate different types of equipment. Without it we are surely lost and experiencing a power outage can not only cost companies valuable productive time, but also money and income. Companies who have big buildings and electrical systems to run will have electrical service switchboards.

electrical thermal imaging services

These switchboards ensure that power is distributed evenly and safely to other smaller units throughout the building or home. It’s basically the place where all ends meet. Some switchboards can have thousands of cords and wires sprouting out of one single box. It goes without saying that neglecting to maintain the switchboard can result in hazardous situations. 

To ensure all employees within the building stay safe and out of harm’s way, companies and owners of properties will have to hire professional and qualified electrical thermal imaging services. Hiring electrical thermal imaging services brings many benefits. Here are the primary ones: 


The number one reason why property owners have to invest in thermal imaging services is to ensure safety. The latest infrared technologies are used to detect any faults or damages within the switch box. When detected, the right measures can be taken to fix the problem and ensure that there aren’t any electrical problems. 

When left unattended to, the following electrical accidents and consequences can happen:

  • Tissue burn from an electrical shock either internally or externally
  • Electrical shock when the body gets in contact with an open wire
  • A fire when the electrical current is too strong, and it sets flammable material alight

If you notice any of the following signs around your switchboard then you have to phone a professional immediately: 

  • Lights flickering. This might be the sign of faulty wiring
  • The fuse is blowing out indicating a damaged switchboard
  • The circuit breaker keeps tripping. This means that the power is overloading 
  • A burning smell. This can be caused due to overheating and is a clear sign that the switchboard is either overloading or that there is faulty wiring
  • The switchboard is old. When you move into a new property with an age-old switchboard, then you should definitely consider hiring a thermal imaging service to test the board and see whether it should be replaced before you connect loads of electrical appliances

If you want to learn more about different electrical injuries and how to prevent them, click here. Thermal imaging plays a big role in ensuring that any of the above-mentioned signs are noticed in time to prevent any fatal or destructive accidents from happening.


To avoid any fatalities or electrical faults, thermal imaging will be able to detect any hazardous patterns in temperature beforehand. One of the biggest advantages of this technology is that possible accidents can be detected before they happen. Early detection of any possible faults in wiring or heat will reduce the risk of any future, more hazardous problems. 

A thermal imaging service will typically set up a specific time schedule at which they will do routinely testing on your switchboard. Not only is thermal imaging important to actively reduce risks, but companies can also invest in test and tag to ensure all portable electrical equipment is also safe to use. 

Testing and tagging is a term used to describe the process to test whether an electrical appliance is faulty or still in tip-top shape. Big properties and companies with loads of portable equipment that connects to different plug sockets should undergo regular thermal imaging and test and tagging to detect any faults prior to accidents. As a general rule these tests should be carried out at least once a year.


In order to meet many different safety rules, regulations, and standards, properties are required to undergo regular testing and tagging and thermal imaging. Not only should these requirements be met for the sake of Australia’s safety industry, but also for the company’s insurance company. 

Many insurance companies require that big companies and properties prove that their switchboards are in primal working condition. Faulty wiring or outdated switchboards can have a negative impact on your insurance premium. Consult with your insurance provider to see whether your premium can be lowered when you are part of a scheduled thermal imaging program. You’ll be surprised at the difference. 

electrical thermal imaging services


Early detection will give the property owner the chance to take the necessary maintenance steps to fix any electrical faults. Having to fix damage caused by a switchboard that burnt out or set the property on fire is much more costly than paying for maintenance costs. 

Thermal imaging companies’ main goal is to ensure any accidents or major consequences are prevented. Check out this site for more information on what services a thermal imaging company provides:


Thermal equipment is designed to identify changes in temperature and any hot components within an electrical board and switch board. Identifying any wires that are too hot is vital for the safety of the building. Thermal imaging is able to detect overloaded or unbalanced circuits or even early signs of overloading. This will ensure that the risk of melting, arcing, and sparkling cables are prevented and reduced.  

When faults in wiring aren’t detected early enough, cables can catch alight or throw sparks on other components nearby. Many properties have suffered irreversible damage because of fires igniting in the switchbox. Having a service who detect any overheating is vital in reducing fire or flame risks. 


One of the best advantages of this service is that the power doesn’t have to be switched off for the testing to take place. Technicians can follow protocol without interfering with business hours or requesting that any electrical appliances and equipment are switched off. 

Hiring electrical thermal imaging services is greatly beneficial for your company and your property. Not only will it keep your employees safe, but it will also prevent any future problems. 


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