Embrace the Comfort: 11 Great Gifts for Fall Birthdays

Nearly 1/3 of all Americans prefer autumn to any other season. Brutally hot, humid days give way to more temperate cooler temperatures when fall arrives. The world starts to slow down, just a little bit, and the lure of cozy sweaters and bonfires with friends takes hold.

September happens to be the most popular month for birthdays. While it might seem logical that birthdays are distributed evenly along the calendar, a variety of reasons are involved in the popularity of some months over others, weather being a significant factor, of course. 

Why not embrace the comfort of fall and present the birthday recipient with an item that signifies the serene coziness everyone looks forward to when the sunflowers and cicadas emerge, the leaves radiate with color and the harvest moon hangs low in the sky.

Let this curated list of popular gift ideas stimulate your thinking as you seek the no-fail gifting item that you strive for when birthday celebrations are occurring:

An Alpaca Scarf

Made in Peru, alpaca scarves are among the most coveted and beautiful scarves in the world. They are made of wool, but feel as soft as cashmere, although they are more durable, lighter, and warmer. Choose a rich autumnal color like burnt orange, burgundy, dandelion yellow, or a combination of color hues to truly gift the spirit of fall.

A Chunky Throw

There’s nothing like feeling the crisp autumn air through the window and then reaching for a soft, cozy throw.  Choose throws made of a variety of material such as mohair, Sherpa, fleece, wool or anything that’s soft and warm. Be sure to purchase one that is large enough to cover shoulder to toe, and your gift will be cherished and permanently kept in their favorite area of relaxation.

Gift Cards

Hot chocolate and pumpkin spice latte are just the beginning of all the tasty treats fall has to offer. Give your loved ones or good friends gift cards so that they may purchase whatever they choose for their birthday. Available from millions of merchants all over the globe, they are super convenient and always well received.

Crock Pot with Recipes

Now that the cooler temperatures are here, it’s time to start planning meals more mindfully. Long, slow meal preparation is one of the best things about fall. The homey atmosphere filling with the scent of spices, vegetables, and meats simmering is eatable comfort. A gift of a crock pot, along with slow cooker recipes, is a great way to help your celebrant embrace the emerging season.

Subscription to a Streaming TV Service

Once summer’s ravishingly carefree days have past, people spend more time indoors.  A subscription to one of the best and respected subscription services available offers entertainment without ads. Give them thousands of choices for viewing on those brisk nights when watching a movie or a documentary feels truly like a treat.

Fuzzy Socks

Whether they are fun or funky, soft and silky, or thick and cozy, the gift of socks is easy, thoughtful, affordable, functional, and perfect for someone celebrating a fall birthday.

Hot Chocolate Maker

Are they that person who is constantly stopping into Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts for their liquid chocolaty goodness? Choose from a huge array of hot chocolate makers and let them live their best life with the convenience of their very own dispenser for their birthday and beyond.

Create a Fall Gift Basket

All you need is a wicker basket to fit all the goodies, and an assortment of fall favorites such as pumpkin spice bath scrubs, candles, hand cream, chocolate treats, coffee, sunflowers, wine, etc. Encapsulate all of it in gift basket shrink wrap and you’ve got a gift to die for!

Birthstone Necklace

Help your celebrant represent their birth month with jewellery! Sapphire, moonstone, and peridot are September’s birthstones which allows for a variety of colors. October boasts opal and tourmaline, and November is the rich amber color of topaz. It’s a gift they will wear with pride.

Oversized Coffee Mug

What’s better than a cup of coffee or hot chocolate on a cool day? An oversized cup of either is a thirst quencher and palate pleaser. There’s just something about sipping from a mug that is more like the size of a bowl that elicits a sense of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.

Foot Spa

The feet are the most overlooked and overused part of the body. It’s time for a little foot pampering with a sweet foot bath. It makes for the perfect gift to find true serenity after trading flip-flops for the boots of cooler weather.

Autumn is the most beloved of all seasons, with good reason. It has so much to offer in terms of slowing down the pace and stopping to smell the pumpkin spice. Present your friend or loved one with a gift that will remind them that they are born during the best time of the year!

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