Engagement Ring Trends for 2022

Are you hoping to getting engaged next year? Or taking a look with your partner at the different types of engagement ring styles there out there to find the one that best suits you? There are so many different styles out there and while classic rings will always be in style, next year the trends are in favor for unconventional styles. For example, the brand Messika is the perfect mix of gorgeous contemporary rings that never overlook tradition. On the Pisa Orologeria website, a flagship store that’s sells many brands including Messika, you can find inspiration for your perfect ring. It is not only worth it to take your time and find something you love, but it is also a fun process to see what you like the best!

Here are some of the upcoming engagement ring trends for 2022: 

Oval rings

Oval rings are a fresh take for a classic diamond shape, such as the round ring. The oval shape elongates not only the ring but also your hand. Luckily there are many different shapes out there so there is something for everyone, and it may take trying on some different shapes to see what you like the best on your hand and what best suits you. It is worth trying this trendy ring shape on, as it is more unique and people often love this shape once they try it on! 

Black diamonds

Black diamonds are eye catching and very unique. Set on any color band, this color diamond is a statement and different than what you typically see for engagement rings. As different color diamonds are associated with different meanings, black diamonds can also feel better suited for some. Black diamonds for engagement rings, for example, are often associated with passion, charisma and stability. 

Rose gold

Rose gold has become increasingly popular years and if you have loved rose gold jewelry in all other types of accessories, you’ll be especially happy to know that this trend has brought about more and more styles and options for rose gold engagement rings! Having different color metals is ideal so that you have options of what looks and feels best for you, such as a silver, gold or rose gold band.  

Elevated vintage

Vintage rings have a unique combination of incredible craftsmanship and a nod to the past in their romance and design. With old-world charm, an elevated vintage ring either that has been passed down or is inspired by vintage design is a unique ring. Modern styles are not for everyone, and if you love more vintage styles this elevated vintage engagement ring can be the perfect fit for you. 

An engagement ring is a very personal object and it is worth taking your time to find the ring that you truly love! If you cannot find exactly what you like or if you want a truly unique ring, it is also worth getting customizations so that you have something you truly love. Consider the above trends and all the styles out there so that you can see what best suits your personal style! 

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