Essential Things You Must Not Forget To Put In Your Hand Luggage

Packing your hand luggage can be a nightmare as there are a lot of things that you need access to while you are at the airport and on the flight. Here are some essential things you must not forget to put in your hand luggage.

Hand Luggage: Toiletries

One essential thing you must not forget to put in your hand luggage is toiletries. You will definitely want to freshen up before you land or when you get to your destination. Therefore, you need access to your vital toiletries so that you don’t have to wait till you get your suitcase back. You need to make sure you put any toiletries in a clear bag when you are going through security. You aren’t allowed to take any bottles that are bigger than 100ml.

Hotel and flight details

Another essential thing you must not forget to put in your hand luggage is your hotel and flight details. You need to have easy access to your flight tickets once you get to the airport. Also, you might have to fill out some forms or tell them where you will be staying when you reach your destination. So you need to have the hotel address at hand. If you are travelling with others, you need to make sure you both have information. After all, if you lose each other, you will then know exactly where you are meant to be.

Passport in Hand Luggage

You also need to make sure you have your passport in your hand luggage. Otherwise, you will not be going anywhere! Make sure you put it somewhere safe in your hand luggage that you have easy access to as you will have to get it out a number of times on the way to the airport. Remember to keep a copy of any visas you are required to have to travel to the country with your passport just in case they ask you for it at the airport. You can check online and complete an ESTA application if you are travelling to the US.

Headphones in Hand Luggage

Another essential thing you must not forget to put in your hand luggage is a pair of headphones. You will need them to listen to music to kill time while you are waiting at the airport. You will also need them on the plane so that you block out noise from the plane so you can get some sleep. It’s also necessary if you plan to watch some films while you are on the flight journey to your destination.


You should also make sure you don’t forget to put some snacks in. If the plane food is going to be dire, you don’t want to end up starving on the journey. Therefore, put some snacks such as crisps or fruit in your bag so you can keep full during your journey. If you want to pack a drink, you have to buy it in departures as you can’t take your own bottle through security.
You should also make sure you have some currency for the country you are going to. Put some in your hand luggage, and the rest in your suitcase, just in case you lose one of them.

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