Essentials for Staying on Trend Whilst Hiking

If you enjoy hiking too, you’re probably looking for ways to look chic and stylish this winter. This is often as important as keeping warm and comfortable. So, here are some of my suggestions to help you look trendy when you go hiking.

I’m a walker. I don’t run, I don’t like taking part in group sports, but walking is kinda my thing. With the beautiful scenery around us this time of year. I’m looking to take my walking to another level and start taking hiking seriously.

It’s great to get out in the fresh air and get some exercise. Another benefit of hiking is that it helps me to clear my head and get rid of stress and anxiety. As a novice hiker, I understand the importance of keeping warm, but I also like the concept of going from hiking to being ready for a drink.

Wear The Right Socks & Shoes

Top of the list we have footwear. When you hike, you need to have the perfect adventure shoe for the task at hand. There’s nothing worse than having the wrong footwear, I’m quite clumsy so I know what I’m talking about. Trainers can be dangerous on a hike because they lack grip and support, but many traditional hiking boots look ugly and unfashionable.

Having the right shoes is paramount to a successful hike but so is having the right socks.Socks are those garments that tend to be taken for granted. They are usually boring but they needn’t be. A fun pair of socks can boost your mood and help give your outfit that edge. From knee high to thigh high you can wear your socks over your leggings to keep warm all whilst still looking cool.

I wear boots pretty much on a daily basis during the months of autumn and winter and cute boot socks are a must! I recently discovered Chrissy’s Knee High Socks and am loving all of the styles and patterns they offer. Their socks are made in the USA and delivered worldwide. Chrissy’s also promotes cruelty-free fashion and are affiliated with The Humane Society of the U.S., Born Free USA, and Animals Australia and joins their efforts in speaking out on behalf of animals.

Look After Your Feet

Hiking can be tough on your feet and it’s important to know how to deal with the issues it can cause. Black toenails and blisters are among them and good moisturization, plus tapes and bandages, are essential.

The foot problem I personally suffer most from is painful heels and it’s a really good idea to have a plantar fasciitis test. Plantar Fascitis can be very uncomfortable and the pain it causes quite unpredictable. But there are treatments you can have to alleviate it, including doctor recommended plantar fasciitis shoes.

Winter Coat

Another essential item you’re going to need as a hiker is a winter coat. Again, you need to keep warm, but you also want to look good. So you need to spend the time choosing the right sort of style and design of the coat too. Do you want something waterproof? Or will you go with a softer, more elegant material? Color also plays a big role in any decisions you might make regarding your winter coat. It’s often a good idea to pick a colour like black or brown as this always looks good and goes with anything.

Opt for a Heated Vest

A winter coat is a must, of course. But you can also keep warm and toasty and beat the cold with a battery heated vest. A battery heated vest not only keeps you warm and keeps your temperature regulated whilst hiking in cold and damp conditions, but it can also help you out in case of emergency. The heated vests come with a power bank that can also double as a mobile charger in case your battery runs low. Think of it as a multi-purpose garment that can do more than keep you warm – an essential for hiking!

Fingerless Gloves

Of course, we’re all going to want to wear gloves as well. It gets cold, and you need to protect your hands. So, not you have to decide on the sort of gloves to wear. Mittens are perhaps the warmest, but they can look a little clumsy and childish. Regular gloves can be trendy, but they are also restrictive. So, if it’s not too cold out, then fingerless gloves should be very much the order of the day. These allow you to keep your hands warm and still use your fingers. Plus they are all the rage now so you will look trendy and fashionable too!

Ear Muffs

You need to think about your head and your ears when you hike. If it’s nippy out you may want some protection. You could always tie a scarf around your face, but this looks terrible, and it uncomfortable. I would suggest getting ear muffs to wear, specifically, bandless ear muffs. They will keep you warm, and they look much cooler and more fashionable than putting your hood up.

Autumn is here, and we are moving into winter, so it’s important to keep warm. Winter wardrobes can sometimes be a bit garish so it’s important to look for ways to keep warm when you go hiking, but also stay trendy and fashionable. Off to the trails we go, my friends!

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