Essentials You Need to Have In Your Bag on a Big Night Out

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We’re well into Autumn now, and the summer party season is well behind us. But the run-up to Christmas is around the corner, and that means more awesome nights out with your friends. Once you look your best and you’re ready to step out of your front door, you need to get your clutch ready so that you have everything you need. Here are some essentials you must remember to pack in your bag on a big night out.

Touch-up makeup

After a couple of drinks, you are bound to smear your makeup, and it won’t look great. Therefore, you need to make sure you fill your clutch with your makeup so that you can touch-up in the bathroom during the night. You should also include a small mirror in your clutch so that you can check it while you are dancing. If you can’t fit much in your bag, just include your lipstick as this is bound to need touching-up through the night.

An insole 

Another essential you need in your clutch for a night out is an insole for your shoe. If you put on shoes that are not comfortable, you can then fit the insole, so that you can last through the night with the shoes. You should also put a repair kit in your bag, just in case your heel gets ruined during the night. It’s so easy to get your heel stuck in a pavement crack and then you end up breaking the shoe!

Another option (and a better one in my view!) is to rethink your footwear. Yes, I know us girls love heels, but recently I’m absolutely loving silver shoes. They do come in the heeled variety too of course, but I think a flat sole silver shoe can also look so classy. Especially if, like me, you’re finding it a bit harder to pull off heels than you used to!

It’s a good idea to get hold of soltrack sticker soles and heels and put a pack in your clutch. Then if the sole or heel does break while you are out, you can easily and quickly fix it without any fuss.


You should make sure you have some tissues in your bag for a night out. If you spill a drink on yourself, you can quickly tidy yourself up. It also comes in useful if you sneeze or you have something in your eye while you are on your night out. Always take a pack of tissues with you in your clutch.

Safety pins

Another essential you need in your bag for a night out is a safety pin. We’ve all managed to get ourselves tangled up in something and managed to rip our dress! Therefore, you will need a safety pin to hold the dress together till you get home. A safety pin will also come in useful if you lose a button during the night.

Body spray

You are bound to start smelling a little after being in a pub or club when it’s hot and sweaty. If you have been around people who are smoking, you will also want to get rid of that smell quickly. To make sure you smell your best during the night out, take a small body spray with you, or a perfume, so you can use it in the bathroom. Your friends will definitely be asking to borrow it when they spot it in your bag!

Remember to check you have packed your purse and ID in your bag. Otherwise, you will end up going home before you have even started the night out!

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