Where Are Europe’s Best Countries for Healthy Eating on Holiday?

When you’re trying to watch your weight, holidays can be a little intimidating. Your holiday can begin to feel more like some form of torture than pleasure when it comes to food. From feeling restricted to salads with those all-you-can-eat buffets to missing out on culinary delights because the food is too ‘calorific’. So just how can you enjoy your holiday (and food!) without falling completely off the bandwagon? Start by visiting one of the following European countries which are renowned for their healthy eating on holiday. And perhaps by looking at places like Villa Plus for self-catered accommodation – this helps remove you from those buffet situations and allows you to cook what you want while still enjoying a few meals out.

Europe's best countries for healthy eating: cod and prawns in a sauce


Despite being renowned for its custard tart (pastel de nata), which, arguably, isn’t very healthy. The rest of the Portuguese cuisine is simple and healthy.

A lot of the dishes you’ll eat are made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and tend to include a lot of exquisite seafood. Enjoy the national bacalhau (a cod dish) or a stew served with some lovely flavoured rice.

Europe's best countries for healthy eating: plate of mushrooms, peppers, and beef in a sauce


If you’re a foodie, France is probably already on your radar. Whilst you may want to indulge in the odd dish of coq au vin, a croissant or two and some delicious wine; you can also opt for healthier dishes, too.

Again, France prides itself on using fresh and organic ingredients. This creating a plethora of dishes that include diverse food and flavours. In fact, it’s so creative with its cooking, you might even pick up a few ideas on how you can take those ‘boring’ healthy meals from drab to fab.

Europe's best countries for healthy eating: plate of salad topped with farfalle pasta and pesto sauce


Surprised to see this one on here? We were too, especially considering how carb-heavy a lot of the Italian’s dishes are.

However, just like with the majority of cuisines, there are healthier options available. And no, these don’t mean avoiding pasta and pizza altogether.

You see, Italians enjoy these carb-fuelled meals in moderation. Italians will often have modest two-course meals that involve a small starter of pasta. This is then followed by a simple dish that includes vegetables and a protein.

Furthermore, there’s always that garnish of olive oil which is known for being a healthy source of monosaturated fatty acids and comes with a variety of other health benefits.

Ultimately, you can enjoy any destination on your ‘healthy’ holiday. It’s just about enjoying the local cuisine in moderation. Achieve this by looking for traditional restaurants where the locals eat. Skip the commercial places that serve up Western food for the tourists.  

What do you think are Europe’s best countries for healthy eating?

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