Everything About Apostille Services That You Must Know

You might have heard the term apostille services many times, during the visa work, long stay in a different country, further studies, higher education, employment, and temporary stay. Or perhaps, you have a different plan of setting up your own business in a different country and making a base there.

The document legalization plays a very important role in the process and it is sort of mandatory to have your documents stamped validly. Certificate apostille simply refers to making your documents valid in front of the other country’s legal person. 

When is it required?

It is required, when there is a need for you to showcase that your documents are legal. It is some other country that would want to know that you belong to the country through the birth certificate validation. And that you have spent many years through your education and work certificates.

Nowadays, making an illegal or fake document is easier than preparing an original one. So to show your true originality in the documents, you may require submitting documents that are stamped and have a signature, stamp, seal of your country’s legal person. 

Which countries require apostille? 

Many countries in totality around the world would want you to show them the proof. Only then you will be able to make a comfortable stay in the country without the fear of being thrown out any time soon. So, there are about 116 in numbers that need documents validation from your side. If you fail to do it, you may lose your valuable opportunity of study, working and starting up your own business abroad. 

How do I get an apostille on my birth certificate? 

A birth certificate is a first-ever document that you get when you are born and from the government. Of course, you are not the one taking it, but you have it while you grow up, Birth certificates which are issued in India require apostille services to make use of it in the foreign country if you go there for any reason mentioned above. 

The 2 ways: 

There are 2 ways where you can generate a birth certificate apostille. Although you will require a service provider or agent to help you get one, as they have the knowledge and experience needed for the job thoroughly. 


  1. State authentication (a state where you were born) + MEA apostille
  2. SDM Authentication + MEA Apostille 

SDM is taken only if you are traveling to a destination that comes under the Hague nation. 

Choosing the right kind of apostille amongst the two can help you save up a good time as well as money. So be very careful you can let the officials and service providers do the job well. This might be intimidating as the legal works are too complex to handle. 


All the apostille, either you choose the first method or the second one gets a validity of about 6 months, which makes it usable until 6 months only. So, if you want to begin with any process of traveling, as soon as the apostille comes, perform the job quickly. 


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