The English Obsession With Chips

The English love their chips. A couple of nights ago the other half and I met at Prezzo for dinner. We had a nice weekday dinner date, nothing too special about it, just some good food and some good company. While we were waiting for our mains, we couldn’t help but notice the dishes of the patrons around us. For the millionth time, we were baffled at what we saw.
Ok, what we saw were other people having dinner. Nothing too shocking about that, but what really manages to make us quietly gasp is noticing that people opt to eat the “wrong” kind of food for the establishment. Sure, people can eat what they please, wherever they please, but it makes no sense to us why time and time again we end up seeing burgers and chips being ordered in Italian restaurants among many other types. This family didn’t order a burger and chips for a fussy eater, no, they all ate burgers. At Prezzo!
From chips served at Mexican restaurants (and I use the term loosely), Italian, even curry houses, we wonder, what is it about the English that makes them so averse to trying other types of cuisine? What keeps them from truly delving into what seems to be considered “exotic” cuisine? I know that maybe I’ll get some flack for generalising, but I’m only going based on what I’ve observed, especially the further north I’ve been. Sure, some may have food allergies, but really, everyone at a table eating “safe” foods?!
Burgers aside, the culprit really is chips. Chips at Prezzo, chips at the Chinese buffet, chips at the bottom right of the menu at the curry restaurant. Why? Someone explain this to me? Oh, and there’s also pizza. Inquiring minds want to know. Is it an English thing? I truly am curious.
As the Step Mum of a fussy eater, I can’t be a hypocrite. I am grateful for chips on the menu, but what is it about adults that makes you stick to fish sticks and chips whilst enjoying a meal out? Are they habits that are introduced during childhood? I really do want to know.
When people back home knock down the English cuisine I stand up in defence, because I truly do enjoy the many delicious foods that I’ve become accustomed to in England. I don’t believe that English food is bland. It can be delicious and great comfort food. I do want to know though, why is it that the English are averse to expanding their culinary horizons? I, for one, will continue eating and enjoying the cuisines of the world, but chips at Prezzo will be something I will never understand.
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