Fab Features For Laid Back Home Decor

Fab Features For Laid Back Home Decor

Are you one who loves minimalism or do you prefer a little bit of “laid back chic”? If boho chic is more your style you’ll want to carry on reading about some fab features for laid-back chic/boho chic home decor. Where some people embrace clean lines and light colours, some of us want to embrace colour, texture, and cosiness first and foremost. Some of us want to fill our homes with beautiful trinkets and oddities so that our own personality is perfectly imprinted on our space. Stripping it back to minimalism would be akin to stripping it naked. The key to creating a cohesive style here is going all out. You can’t do the laid back, boho style by halves.

Soften the edges

Sharp, industrial edges can look incredible in any home, whether the style is modern and minimalistic, or more hippie and bohemian. The difference is that in a more laid-back decor, the edges are softened by fabrics to create a comfortable, cosy, and floaty juxtaposition between the hard and the soft. Bare concrete draped with wall hangings, curtains, and soft, floaty fabric gives a really beautiful and unique style. A hardwood or concrete floor layered with rugs of different colours, patterns, sizes, and styles is the ultimate in comfy decor but adds an intriguing Moroccan feel too.

Bring fun comfort in

The best thing about laid back, bohemian styled homes is the comfort. Soft, low mattresses, large, squishy couches, hammocks, cushions, throws, and pillows are all absolute must-haves. So why not go all out and get the ultimate comfortable item – a giant bean bag? They are perfect for snuggling into while bingeing on Netflix, and they make an interesting and more versatile alternative to a couch.

For more information, get more from Fombag and see what comfort revolution a giant beanbag could bring your home. They’re available in a variety of sizes, colours, and shapes so that you can choose the perfect one for your space.

Experiment with patterns

The only thing that really goes with patterns is more patterns. If you’re not going for minimalism, you might as well go the other way. Colours, geometric shapes, florals, and traditional Eastern prints – they all work brilliantly together when you have courage in your conviction. Start with your base of prints, such as your duvet cover, sofa throw, or rugs, and add new prints in layers.

Cushions, blankets, more rugs, and drapes are the best way to bring soft patterns in. There are so many rules that you could live by for using patterns flatteringly, but throw them aside, and throw caution to the wind while you’re at it. Choose fabrics and designs that you love, and don’t be afraid to experiment.


Laid Back Chic: Plants are the home’s best friend

Perfect for the laid back chic renter or the homeowner, plants are the perfect way to bring color, texture, and interest into your home decor, without necessarily having to paint the walls. If you’ve got a touch of the green fingers, covering a sunny wall with shelves and hanging pots filled with succulents, spider plants, cacti, and dracaena is perfect. It’s beautifully laid back, but did you know it could also be good for you? Plants act as an air filter, taking out impurities and carbon dioxide, and pumping lovely fresh oxygen back into the room. They bring vitality into the room and really help to brighten it up.

If you’re considering bringing outdoors in with plants, look to starting with a few, easy to care for species, and build up. Before you know it you’ll be completely infatuated, and somewhat of a pro. They’re perfect for filling empty corners, adding height to a table of curiosities, or colour to a dark wall. Just be careful to research the amount of light a specific species needs before you make the purchase – some will be happier in the shade, while others want bright light or direct sun.

Laid Back Chic: Natural materials

The beauty of a more laid back home style is that other different styles can work together, without looking like they’re at odds with each other. While natural materials, such as untreated wooden furniture, in a more minimalistic home, would need to be the central feature, in a more bohemian home it can comfortably work with the other styles around it. Untreated wood and hessian fabrics add an extra level of interest, but they also help to soften edges even more.

A home with too many sharp edges can look unnatural, so natural materials really help to counter this. A natural wood coffee table can be an amazing focal point in a room, but driftwood logs can also make a room look soft and natural when used as ornamentation.

Laid Back Chic: Play with colour

Many people decorate their home with colour schemes in mind. A person with a more laid-back style knows that all colours work together, you just have to have the courage to experiment with them. Rather than choosing a colour scheme, choose a vast range of colours that you enjoy looking at, and work well together, but don’t be afraid to veer from the path. A colour which is outside your “scheme” can be the perfect accent. Think of the rich, deep colors at an Eastern market, and go from there, and you’ll soon realize that colour is meant to be played with, not constricted.

Never forgo the fluff

When comfort and beauty are of fundamental importance to your decor style, you can’t go without some fluff, especially faux fur. A fur rug by the bed is the ultimate cosy morning experience in the cold of the winter, so by that token, why not fill your home with fluff in whatever way you can? Layer soft rugs on couches, beds, and dotted around your floor to soften harsh edges, add texture and dimension and give you something to crunch your toes in when you’re feeling a bit chilly.

When comfort and colour are more important to you than minimalism, your home starts to encapsulate “laid back chic” as its style, and patterns and textures become the new minimalism.


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