What is the Best Fabric to Use for Reupholstering your Sofa?

Reupholstering a piece of furniture is one of the best and most budget-wise methods you can do. Having the old padding and fabrics removed and replacing it with a fresh cushion and the best fabric gives a new look to your sofa. Consequently, many people have preferred the option of reupholstering your sofa because they get to decide what designs to put in order to satisfy their wants. 

However, upholstery can also be stressful. For first timers, they don’t actually know where to start. Still, aside from paddings and cushions, you need to also make sure to buy the best upholstery fabric for your sofa. More than the cushion, the fabrics will give you more texture and can also turn into a couch that can bring your room more life. 

In reupholstering sofa, you must get durable fabrics that can withstand heavy sitting and over usage. Here are our top picks for the best upholstery fabrics:


One of the best and most durable fabrics you can find, velvet is one of the top picks of homeowners who would want to upholster. The thick fabric makes it highly resistant to being loose and can withstand being sat on all day. It’s such a durable piece of upholstery fabric that rub tests on the fabric can get up to 100,000 up to 200,000 double rubs. 

Many people also live it because of its soft, silky fabric which can also appear luxurious even in normal homes. Velvet fabrics are comfortable and is able to defy scratches, too. 


Chenille is one of those upholstery fabrics that homeowners look forward to. Chenille has variations of fabrics woven into one that also creates a tufted pile. Chenille fabric provides a very comfortable texture that can also be soft and rough, but highly breathable. 

Another benefit of chenille is that it’s good at hiding dirt. It’s also resistant to abrasion and retains heat on cold days. However, if you have pets at home with sharp claws, better be careful with your chenille upholstery fabrics because it tends to be scratched easily. 

What is the best fabric to use for reupholstering a sofa?


You might be wondering why this was included in the list. Cotton can also be durable for upholstery. Its fabric is cool and breathable. Plus it easily absorbs the coolness on the fresh breeze from the outside to your couches. It’s best if you want to have a soft-textured sofa that provides the comfort and downiness you look for when sitting on your chairs. 

Cotton is lightweight and much commonly used in the fabric industry. It appears fresh, and can be bought cheap too!


If you want a strong synthetic fibre that can stand up daily use, polyester can also be a good upholstery fabric for you. The mixed varieties of fibre built to become polyester is resilient to sun exposure. This makes it best for your bright living rooms. It can defend itself from excess heat and burns. 

Polyester fabrics are also great when it comes to having stains, as it easily releases water fast. Because of its strong weave and durability, it does not sag fast just like most thick upholstery fabrics. 

These are just few of the best fabrics you can use for your upholstery. Remember that when choosing a fabric that’s best for your sofa, choose the ones that are durable and sustainable enough for everyday use.

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What is the best fabric to use for reupholstering a sofa?


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