Important Facts You Need to Know About Fermented Skincare Products

Korea is making waves in the beauty industry, and one of their latest endeavors is using fermentation to enhance its skincare ingredients and create fermented skincare products. People have made skincare products from natural and edible ingredients since the beginning of time. Using fermentation and incorporating those probiotic materials seem to be their way of modernizing the process.

These days, Korean beauty companies are using classic ingredients like sea kelp and ginseng, combining with the fermentation process to produce probiotic skincare products that are great for your skin. Even before probiotic skincare and beauty products were a thing, Asians have already practiced putting processed or fermented food like yogurt on their faces for acne care. 

Read on to know more about the significant facts related to fermented and probiotic skincare products.

What is the fermentation process?

What is fermentation, and how does it benefit your skin? Fermentation is an ancient art of extending food shelf life with the use of salt or other preservatives. In fermentation, the bacteria will be feeding off of starches and sugar, producing lactic acid in the process.

Aside from lactic acid, fermentation allows the proliferation of nutrients such as B vitamins, helpful enzymes, and Omega 3 fatty acids. This method improves the taste of the food and the quality of the nutrients.

Recently, companies have discovered that using the same process on skincare products proves to be beneficial to the skin’s overall health. As good bacterias are suitable for your internal organs and gut, applying these externally has also shown excellent results.

You can even combine these products with most makeup and cosmetic lines like the Tony Moly. That’s because Tony Moly has fermented products like the Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream that contains 100% pure fermented green tea. You can buy the fermented cream and other products on this website.

Who can benefit most from fermented skincare products?

You don’t have to take every trend that comes your way. Before you can decide to use probiotic skincare items, you have to know if it’s compatible with your skin. While most skin types are okay with fermented skincare, you need to listen to your own skin needs and issues.

Here are some of the people that can up their routine with probiotic skincare:

Sensitive Skin

Generally, people with sensitive skin have a hard time looking for products compatible with their skin type. That’s because they have a high susceptibility to damage and irritation and low capability for self-repair. The good bacteria in fermented skincare products can help create a protective layer for those with such sensitive skin.

Acne-Prone Skin

Probiotic facial products are great for those with pimple problems and acne-prone skin. Lactobacillus is a type of bacteria produced by fermentation. It’s believed to be a useful tool against acne. With that in mind, probiotic products that have yogurt or lactobacillus can be great at acne prevention and cure. You should look for products that have certain bacteria or just a yogurt-based cream in general.

City Dwellers

If you’re living in an urban area, you can feel dryness and irritation brought about by pollution, and stress can contribute to having bad skin. Probiotic can help create a defensive layer over your face and reduce the amount of pollution you get on your skin. The nourishment and micronutrients by the probiotic products can help you fight off smog and dust accumulation.

Fermentation Products for Other Skin Types

Sensitive skin and acne-prone skin are optimal for fermented skincare items. However, before you start using a fermented product, you should check your favorite beauty blogger for insights. Some products may or may not be suitable for your dry, oily, or combination skin. If you’re interested in a product, try to see if the store has a sampler or buy a smaller bottle before you commit to buying a bigger bottle. Even if certain products are said to be ideal for your skin type, you need to test how your own face reacts to it.


You will need the help of probiotic skincare products, especially if you’re living in the city, with all the smoke, dust, and pollution. Fermented skincare products are making waves as the next standard for beauty items. Micronutrients are more comfortable to absorb, so it’s no wonder why Korean skincare companies are using them.

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