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No one likes being involved in a severe accident— no matter if it’s at work, and an auto collision, or something else entirely. However, they do happen. When it’s because of someone else’s misconduct, negligence, recklessness, or carelessness, the injury victim is entitled to certain rights. These will vary from state to state, but one thing is for certain the injury victim is protected.

Victims shouldn’t have to pay for certain things following an accident. This includes medical bills and lost wages. But how can they recoup the money they need following the incident to fully recover? If fully recovering is possible.

The answer is by seeking legal representation. While you might be able to fight the insurance company on your own, in many cases, this can lead to lower settlements. It can also lead to the insurance company denying your claim.

If, after an accident, you’re unable to work, you may be facing financial strain. You could be unable to pay your bills or be following behind on your bills.

The personal injury attorney will work for you negotiating on your behalf money for lost wages should you be unable to go to work and the medical treatment you need to heal.

When searching for a personal injury attorney, you may wonder what to expect and have a few questions for them. In this article, we go over briefly what areas your personal injury attorney may practice, the consultation, and the cost.

Areas of Practice

Personal injury attorneys have a number of practice areas. These are broken into types of accidents that can occur. The most common personal injury case is the auto accident claim. This is when a negligent driver hits another driver.

Instances of auto accident claims for personal injury would be if a person on their cell phone hit you, or you’re struck by a drunk driver.

Other areas of personal injury include defective products, accidents that happened on other people’s properties, medical negligence, nursing home abuse, and more. Should you have been injured by another party, it is worth it to speak to a personal injury attorney about your claim. In many situations, individuals that are hurt don’t seek representation or don’t know that they should.

The Consultation

A consultation will be your first experience with your potential injury attorney. This is the best time to get to know the firm, how attentive they are, and if you feel confident about their abilities. GJEL Accident Attorneys offer free consultations to help answer their client’s questions.

During the consultation, you should bring up your legal matter and ask questions that you may have about it. This includes if you have a case.

Does It Cost Anything?

The great news for injury victims is the injury attorney won’t take any money from you upfront. This doesn’t mean that their services are free, however. Their payment comes from the settlement from the insurance company.

In general, accident victims that enlist the help of an attorney can see about a third more in their settlement amount. Most attorneys will take 33%, an industry standard.

Though, when you factor in, you aren’t alone throughout the process; they handle all negotiations and will even go to court for you if need be, it makes sense to choose to have an attorney by your side.

Essentially, the cost of having an attorney is covered by the extra amount you will receive on your settlement.


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