Fashion Tips For A Formal Corporate Party

If there’s ever a time to dress up, a formal corporate party is most definitely a time to really go that extra mile. The importance of looking good at a profession-based social event cannot be overstressed, and this should be planned like any other project, starting with the gown you will wear. Once you have chosen your designer dress (is there any other choice?), then you can think about accessories.

Selecting Your Dress

The very heart of your look, the dress needs to fit perfectly, and I do mean perfectly! If you want the very best, visit Peaches Boutique Chicago, IL, where you can try on stunning outfits from Sheri Hill and other famed designers. If you buy from an established boutique, they will make any minor adjustments, making sure of a perfect fit, and with their expert advice, you can be sure to have the right gown.

Be Bold and Creative

It is important to understand that you are not dressing for the office, as this is a blend of professional and social codes, allowing you to express yourself a lot more than at the office. Regarding skirt length, nothing that is above the knee works, while a full-length gown is suitable. There are related articles you can find online on how to dress for a formal corporate event, which might help with your preparation.

formal corporate party: young ladies in dresses together.

Cocktail Attire

This is the accepted look while keeping away from risky areas if you still have that red prom dress and can fit into it, this is the perfect time to give it a second outing, and with a bare minimum of accessories, you will be perfectly attired. Dressy formal evening wear is expected at such an event, and if you don’t have a suitable dress, check out the online boutiques, where you can find unique dresses at affordable prices.

Don’t Forget Hairstyle

The general rule is “up for long hair”, with a neat coiffed style, while shorter cuts require some precision. It wouldn’t hurt to discuss this with your hairdresser a week or so prior to the event. She knows your hair better than you, and once she’s seen the dress, she can make some suggestions. Makeup also requires some thought, which is something your hair stylist can help you with.


The trend is to keep to subtle jewellery, items that complement the outfit, and it really does depend on the dress. You are advised to source the dress as early as possible, which will allow you to dress up in front of a full-length mirror and experiment. If you need some inspiration, Google is your best friend, and should you be lacking a specific pair of earrings to match that pendant necklace, buy something online, as this won’t be the last corporate event you attend.

It is important you feel good about how you look for a formal corporate party. So rather than leaving it to the last minute, spend some time putting together your outfit. And when the day arrives, you will be confident and enjoy the party, which is, after all, the whole point.

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