My Favorite Small Christmas Gifts for 2019

Hey everyone, hope you’re doing well and that you’re enjoying the lead up to Christmas. Now that the holiday season has started, I know many of you will still be looking for small Christmas gifts for different family members, co-workers or friends. I am too, but I’m also looking to treat myself to something nice and maybe go on a short trip somewhere over the festive period.

Every year I tend to focus on one theme of product that I would like to gift to loved ones. I guess it’s because I always seem to be so busy and Christmas just creeps up on me. I always plan to choose a special personalized gift for each person. But it just never seems to happen!

Last year I ended up getting a collection of different bath product sets for everyone. And I just about managed to buy them all right before the stores closed on Christmas Eve. In fact I was the last person to leave one particular store before they shut!

My disclaimer here is that this procrastination-induced habit doesn’t include the kids. They still get their gadgets, toys or books. Let’s be honest, they wouldn’t be very impressed if they tore apart the wrapping paper and found soaps, face creams or socks inside!

With this in mind I wanted to let you guys know about this year’s gift-panic abatement plan. It’s mainly centered around my favorite current cologne brand. Although I’m obviously not going to buy 10 bottles of cologne from the same brand for 10 different people. That would be embarrasing.

Jovan Island’s Gardenia is a particular favorite of mine right now although I haven’t yet tried all of their fragrances. So there is the added incentive of having a nice sniff of the fragrances I buy as gifts right before I wrap them. Yes – I’ll then go and buy myself the same fragrance after Christmas if I like it. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, as my grandfather used to say!

I find that Jovan Islands’ colognes pack quite a powerful but good quality scent. So I only need to spray a small amount each time. The array of scents available is impressive and somewhat different to your usual branded colognes. Plus they are excellent value for money and are also pretty cute so you can’t go wrong with them if you’re looking for some visual appeal.

I would strongly advise a good bookshop as a solid back up plan if you’re struggling to find a useful gift for anyone. You can’t really go wrong with a good book. Especially as more and more people are getting tired of having their eyes fixed on screens all the time.

It would be good to hear from you all about what small Christmas gifts you tend to buy for people when you’re stuck for what to get them. I look forward to a lively discussion in the comments!

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