The Financial Reasons Why You Should Be a Good Driver

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We all know that we need to be good drivers. For safety, for the convenience aspect, but do we really think about the financial aspect? Sure, if our car breaks down we fix it but the reality is so many people don’t really focus on the simple bits that can be done to make sure that your car doesn’t make a hole in your pocket. The financial reasons why you should be a good driver are plenty but here are just a few that you should heed starting now!

Maintain, or Pay!

Being a good driver doesn’t necessarily mean you need to actively be good only when behind the wheel. It also means focusing on ensuring that your car is roadworthy at all times. Both for your sake and the sake of others. Proper car maintenance goes a long way. There are things that you can do yourself like I’ve talked about in length in the past, but make sure that if you need to go to a professional that you get your car serviced from a credible garage. 

You run a lot of risks by not maintaining your car in a proper state as something simple can then snowball into a problem that will cost a pretty penny. Another thing to consider is the reputation of the garage or mechanic that will be working on your car. If you don’t do your due diligence then you’ll be out of pocket by having to find someone else to do the work that was botched.

Wear Your Seatbelts

Do you know what the seatbelt rules are? It’s not just as simple as wearing your seatbelt and that’s that. No. There are extensive rules. Sure, there’s the simple and commonsensical ones like “You’re also only allowed 1 person in each seat fitted with a seat belt” but there’s also some that are a bit trickier such as the ones relevant to children. Like the need for them to be in the correct car seat for their height and weight.

Not being aware of the rules could cost you up to £500!

There are exceptions though, such as not having to wear a seatbelt for medical reasons, though you need to keep your Doctor’s note in the car at all times. Own a classic car that was made without seatbelts? Don’t worry, you aren’t violating any of the rules as long as you don’t have any children under the age of 3 in your car. If you have children over the age of 3 they must ride in the back.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

If there’s one thing that I am adamant about is not texting and driving. I connect my phone to Bluetooth if it’s not already auto set before I start my journey and I don’t touch my phone anymore. I keep my eyes on the road. Not only the road in front of me though, no. I use my mirrors constantly and always check my blind spot. I’m not the perfect driver but I really try my best to be, especially because sometimes accidents happen. In theory, if you have an accident and it’s the other person’s fault then their insurance should cover it. But what if you don’t see the bollard or don’t realise that the tight parking space is a disaster waiting to happen?

Silly instances like that are not only time consuming and silly but also contribute to you being out of pocket.

So there you have it. They say common sense isn’t so common anymore, but if you heed my advice you can be a good driver that not only has a clean driving record but also one that doesn’t have to spend extra money to rectify those mistakes.

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