Finding Your Perfect Fit At Great Plains Clothing for Women

Have you ever tried online shopping for clothes? Despite people’s skepticism, an increasing number of individuals find this experience utterly convenient, particularly amid a pandemic. 

Nevertheless, shopping for apparel online is undoubtedly more challenging and riskier than buying any other types of products. The greatest challenge of all is choosing the right fit, depending on your body proportions and the garment’s fabric. 

Most online clothing stores, such as Great Plains Clothing, provide buyers with affordable, comfortable, and high-quality apparel. They even assist shoppers in finding the perfect fit by offering multiple sizing charts and guides. 

The following tips will help you choose the right size of clothing. 

Take accurate measurements of your body

Your clothes shopping journey should commence by taking proper measurements of yourself, including your hips, waist, and bust. Using a soft tape measure is believed to be the most accurate method of learning your size, as tailors employ the exact same technique. 

Moreover, the most effective way of getting proper measurements is by visiting a tailor or seamstress in your town. These professionals are experts at taking body proportions, given their extensive experience in the tailoring industry. 

Nevertheless, in case you don’t want to ask for professional assistance, you can always take your own measurements. It’s paramount not to optimize your posture during the process by standing straighter than usual, as the resulting measurements won’t match your regular posture. If you can’t reach your bust properly, make sure you ask a family member to give you a hand.

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Men are supposed to focus on several important areas in order to determine the accurate size. When purchasing pants, males are advised to measure their height, inseam, waist, and hips. Conversely, when buying shirts, the size of the neck and chest, as well as the sleeve length is considered crucial for calculating the proper size. Click here to check out a useful men’s size guide. 

Women, on the other hand, are expected to pay attention to a few more body areas, particularly the bust. This body part is of essential importance when taking one’s bra measurements, which is why women are advised to go for a bra fitting. Apart from measuring their actual waist, females are also supposed to measure their natural waist, referring to the slimmest torso part.

Similar to men’s measurements, the hips and inseam are vital for determining pants’ size, while bust and neck measurements are crucial when shopping for shirts and blouses. 

Look for a size guide

After measuring your body proportions, make sure you check out the size guide of each retailer so as to get the right fit. Keep in mind that sizing charts vary across retailers, particularly the ones that sell apparel from multiple designers and clothing manufacturers. Most vendors, like Great Plains Clothing, include a sizing chart for each product. You are advised to carefully inspect this prior to making an order. 

Furthermore, some of the most reputable retailers use other useful methods to assist shoppers in selecting the perfect fit. For instance, you might be asked to answer a couple of questions once you enter the site, which reveals useful information about your figure. Some online clothing stores ask shoppers to use their calculators by inputting their height and weight. 

Don’t overlook the type of material

The garments’ fabric plays a major role in the clothes shopping journey, as it directly affects the size of clothes. For instance, fabrics with no elastane are trickier when it comes to finding the right fit. This is unlike Lycra fabrics, which are known for their flexibility. Make sure you purchase garments that stretch in order for them to fit properly.

Check the return policy

Ultimately, shoppers are strongly advised to check the return policy of each retailer prior to making a purchase. Make sure you learn whether the return shipping is free of charge or comes at a particular price so as to be on the safe side in the event of choosing the wrong fit. 

Final word

Know your measurements before visiting online clothing stores such as Great Plains Clothing.

Leave your skepticism aside and enjoy online shopping!


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