Cruise Like a Pro: What to do on Your First Day on a Cruise Ship

Gone are the days when only the rich and elderly went on cruise holidays. Cruise holidays have become common among young and single people. More people are saving up to go cruise ship holiday destinations of their choice. If you are new, you need to know more about cruising to enjoy it the maximum. Here is a useful guide to what to do on your first day on a cruise ship.

Go on a tour

Be ready to go on a tour. Enjoy a 1 Day Lady Musgrave Island Reef Experience Tour by looking at activities offered. Don’t limit yourself to specific activities, but be open to trying new things.

Book several cruises

It helps to book cruise ships in advance. Don’t book one because it might fail you in one way or another. Stay safe by booking multiple cruises for security. You can book the second cruise while you are on the first one. Disembark from one and hop onto another at the proper time. Rich people are known to change cruises often as they want to enjoy a luxurious life.

Wear the right attire

It is essential to wear proper attire while on a cruise ship. Carry clothes for cold and warm weather, and comfortable shoes. You might be surprised to find cold weather in the Caribbean. Wear sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.

Explore the ship

It is critical to know the ship before it starts the journey. Take an informal tour of your ship to familiarize yourself with the activity areas. Common areas to look out for include quiet places to get away from kids, children’s activities, and popular spots like the spa. Even if you are not interested in any activity, knowing the ship helps in case of an emergency.

Windowless cabin

Someone who is cruising for the first time might think that booking a windowless cabin is a bad idea. You cannot see what is happening outside your cabin. However, windowless cabins are cheaper and suitable for people with motion sickness. If you want a place with minimal movement, consider getting a cabin without windows.

Departure day

Cruise veterans know the importance of arriving at the port early on the embarkation day. You cannot afford to be late; otherwise, you might miss the ship. Booking a hotel near the port minimizes chances of delay. Furthermore, it allows you to catch extra sleep instead of waking up early to prepare and go to the port.

Sea days are fun

Novices worry that sea days are dull and not worth a cruise trip. However, cruise veterans understand that this is the best time to explore the ship and do fun activities.

Dining options

Take time to explore dining options before the journey starts. If you are a food enthusiast, you will enjoy every moment on the ship. There are dozens of eateries, dessert places, and pubs to explore. If you are craving a burger, someone is waiting to serve you. You are spoilt for choice when onboard a cruise ship. Enjoy different cuisines while on the trip.

Have Fun

Staying on a cruise ship is not just about sitting by the pool the whole day. Cruise enthusiasts know that there is more to cruising than what meets the eye. There are several activities you can enjoy on a cruise ship. Going on a cruise trip helps you to relax and enjoy life. 


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