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We originally wrote this post back in 2016, but as this is still a post that brings traffic to the site, which means that people are still interested in the product, we know it needed an update. Firstly, the products have had a revamp in packaging, our post reflects the original packaging. And the liquid hair nutrition doesn’t seem to be part of the product range at the moment, but we will include our thoughts on that in case it’s just a temporary blip. 

Follione Anti Hair Loss Range - Review

Does it make me vain if I say that I love my hair? I suppose you can say that I have been blessed with a head of thick hair and I am quite grateful for that. Call me paranoid, but the thought of not having the hair that I have now in the future makes me panic a bit. Also, I have recently noted that my hair is thinning out a bit right above my forehead and that literally makes me want to cry.  For someone with so much hair I tend to lose a lot of it on a daily basis which is why I recently been using Follione products to see if they can help me out before I end up with a problem I won’t be able to reverse.


All of the Follione products are geared for stopping hair loss and improving hair growth. There is no miracle fix out there for hair loss but Follione claims to help you out. I’ve been using 3 of their products for the past few weeks, on and off I may add, so this is not a review of me religiously using the products. This is more of a first impressions post on what I have been thinking about the products thus far.

Follione Growth Simulator for Women

Follione Growth Stimulator for Women

The first of the products that Follione so kindly sent me to test out was the Growth Simulator for Women (RRP £24.90). The product comes in a small bottle with a spray top as well as a dropper. You can use either for application and you are meant to apply the product twice daily in the region where you feel that your hair loss is more apparent.

You need to keep using this product to keep any newly grown hair. I suppose that is something that one will heed if the need is quite pressing. As for me, if I do notice a nice change in thickness I will reconsider at that point. For now, it feels good to think that I am doing something for my hair, and I will definitely update you if there has been a significant difference.

Follione Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Follione Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

The simplest product out of the ones that I am using is the Anti Hair Loss Shampoo (RRP£19.90 for 250ml). As it’s a shampoo all you need to do is swap it out with your current one. The special thing about this shampoo is that it focuses on taking care of your scalp. All whilst penetrating deep into the scalp and stimulating hair growth and preventing hair loss.

I love that it is paraben, sulfate, silicone, formaldehyde free and has no synthetic colours or fragrances. The shampoo has a strong citrus scent that smells a bit medicinal but is also quite invigorating. The recommendation is to use it for 3-4 months which I find quite feasible since this is the most affordable product in the range.

Liquid Hair Nutrition

Follione Liquid Hair Nutrition

I’ve definitely saved the best for last, in my opinion at least. I love my supplements and on top of what I take for hair and nail health I have incorporated taking the Follione liquid hair nutrition supplement (RRP£32.28) into my routine. This baby is jam packed with so many vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids. Plus natural botanical extracts – all which all help promote hair growth.

You can mix the product into a drink or even your breakfast smoothie (which is what I drink in the spring/summer months) or just take a shot of it. The recommended amount to take 1 tsp 3 times a day. The taste is so much better than the smell. And even though the scent is quite strong it smells of all the vitamin goodness which it has, which I happen to like.

There’s a little quiz on the Follione website that tries to guide to which product is the right fit for you. I really recommend taking it. My results recommended the liquid hair nutrition, and the anti hair loss shampoo so that was quite fitting.

Overall, I think the products can be beneficial to someone suffering from hair thinning or hair loss. In my case, my favourite product is the liquid hair nutrition as I have easily added it to my routine. If anything that will be the product I would repurchase if my results are quite noticeable.

Have you experienced hair loss or thinning of your hair? Which of these products would consider?

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