Fishing for women and boyfriend fishing gift ideas

When your other half is a fishing enthusiast, like me, you’ll find yourself seemingly always on the lookout for boyfriend fishing gift ideas. Lately though, I have been learning more about fishing and not only am I quite the expert at finding the best fishing gift ideas for my favorite fisherman, but I can also swing a rod myself. This got me thinking about the fact that even though it is not talked about that commonly, fishing is said to be a hobby for men.

Should women fish?

Absolutely. Women can do anything we please, and fishing is one of those things. Now, I won’t lie; it’s not as simple as it seems. A great day of fishing is about more than catching fish. But catching fish is certainly the goal.

This is why before you dive right in and expect to have a wonderful fishing experience, regardless of your gender, you need to keep in mind that there are a few things you need to be aware of first.

Find out what type of fishing you will be doing

Fishing for women and boyfriend fishing gift ideas - woman fishing

You may be mistaken to think that you can pick up some bait and a rod and you’ll be fishing in no time. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple as there are different types of fishing. For example, you can fish on the beach, fish on a lake or river, fish with fresh bait, or go carp fishing.

There are many options, and you need to know that each one requires different equipment. For example, if you want to take up carp fishing, you will need to be aware that this is a freshwater fish that usually pops to the margins of the pond, lake, or river to feed in the early morning or late evening. When you’re looking for carp you need to find carp fishing equipment for sale to make sure that you don’t show up at the lake with a fishing rod that is meant to be used on a fishing boat in the sea.

Essentials first

Any fishing fanatic can tell you that the best way to get started with fishing as a hobby is to focus on the basics. You need to decide where you will be fishing (my other half likes surfcasting, which is fishing into the sea from the coast using live bait, whilst I prefer spinning or spin fishing which uses a lure and it’s a smaller rod that I find the perfect size for me), as the location will determine the type of gear you need to use.

For example, a surfcasting rod is much longer than a lightweight spinning (spin fishing) rod. I have seen many women that prefer surfcasting, but for me, the right gift would be a spinning rod.

Here are some great boyfriend fishing gift ideas, and girlfriend fishing gift ideas too!

As with everything though, sometimes the best fishing gifts are the most practical. Here are some gifts that are basic fishing gear but are also a great idea to gift to any new fisherman or woman.

Basic fishing gear entails;

  • fishing pole,
  • fishing bait,
  • fishing lures,
  • fish hook (or hooks, to be more precise),
  • reel hooker,
  • fishing line, and a,
  • fishing lure caddy.

More fishing accessories to gift or buy for yourself

Fishing for women and boyfriend fishing gift ideas - fishing in the sea

Of course, there are intricate and even more special gifts that you can get for yourself or for someone you know that fishes. There is quite a discrepancy in price range, so do keep that in mind. It’s always good to know how avid of a fisher they are when looking for that special gift.

If they do catch and release, this isn’t for them, but an electric fish scaler is ace! If you know your favorite fisherman/woman eats their catches, it’s a must have.

A fishing rod holder is also a great accessory to own, because as your collection grows you will need somewhere to store and display your rods. It takes care of them and gives you easy access to grab your rods before the next fishing trip.

Fishing waders are also perfect for getting into water, and they’re machine washable too, so that makes them convenient to have. They’re usually available in different sizes, so that’s also a perk.

A more personalized gift is a funny fishing tee for example. It’s one of those creative gifts that always gets a good laugh. This can be worn on fishing outings kinda like a fishing uniform, so it works as a wonderful gift, and a practical one too!

Now if you know someone who is quite the pro at fishing then an underwater drone would be a gift they would be so happy to receive. Drones are also used for taking your fishing line out into the sea.

There really is a lot of kit you can have for fishing, and it can quickly get out of hand. But it’s a great hobby to have, as any fishing lover can attest to.

What are the benefits of fishing?

Fishing for women and boyfriend fishing gift ideas - couple fishing

Regardless of your gender, there are many benefits to taking up fishing as a hobby. One of those, and the one anyone who has fished will definitely shout about this being the best thing – relaxation! There is something so calm and relaxing about going fishing. One great thing about fishing is that you will find yourself practicing mindfulness without even realising it!

In fishing, you will find that you will you will learn to be more patient as well as allow yourself to be in the moment. You will need to be aware of the slightest movement of the reel, thus making it the perfect way to ground you in the moment.

Here are more of the benefits of fishing;

  • You’ll get to spend quality time with loved ones,
  • You can learn more about water safety and improve your water skills,
  • To take up a low impact sport,
  • Break the gender stereotypes,
  • Take on more outdoor activities,
  • Eat healthier with all the great fish you catch, and,
  • Help yourself be in a great place mentally.

You don’t have to be a fish whisperer to fall in love with fishing. One of the benefits is that you can do it as often as you like and make it work for you as you wish. There you go, if you were looking for reasons to take up fishing we know these will be more than enough!

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