Five Exotic Places That Are Great to Live In

We all dream of living on an exotic island. Rightfully so, who wouldn’t want to wake up in, basically, heaven every morning?

But when we start doing a bit of research, things start to look a bit differently. Living in Costa Rica can be an absolutely beautiful experience, but it’s also one that not many people can afford without having to work (because let’s face it, we all want to live in heaven without working that much, otherwise where’s the fun?). 

So, with so many options on the table, because we have the whole world in front of us, which one do we pick? What’s the best exotic place to live in? 

Well, we have a list of exotic places to live just for you. We researched what are the best islands that you can live on without needing a fortune to live in. From paying rent to groceries to the beauty of the place, we thought of everything. 

Some of them are pretty well known and are already thriving tourist destinations, while others are surprising. Ready? Let’s get this rodeo rolling!

Portugal turns out, is one of the most amazing places to travel and live in!

Well, Portugal definitely is no island. However, having a place that you can comfortably live in, while also situated in Europe, making it packed full of history, is a great thing. 

You have easy access to the whole continent of Europe, but flights to Africa and America are also pretty short compared to living on an island. 

With almost an endless amount of picturesque views that take your breath away, Portugal is the perfect exotic place to call home. Moreover, the country has a pretty well-developed infrastructure. Not only that, but Portugal is also an amazing place to start a business. With the Euro being so stable, there is enough access to capital for people to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. 

You can live comfortably in Portugal with around $1,600 per month (including rent). Just make sure to do a bit of exploring before you settle in. Portugal has plenty of beautiful cities for you to explore. 

The Dominican Republic is one of the most beautiful Caribbean destinations you can visit. 

When you think of going to the Caribbean places like the Cayman islands pop up in your head immediately. Well, while they’re much more popular as tourist destinations than the Dominican Republic you can be sure they aren’t really better to live in. 

A constant flow of tourists, while healthy for the economy, can be offputting if you’re looking for a calm place to live at. 

Even more, the Dominican Republic is quickly improving its infrastructure and the country is the fastest-growing economy in Latin America!

You can easily live with around $1,700 per month. Rent included. And if you’re looking for a place to invest, buying a house is one of the best things you can do in an emerging and thriving economy like the Dominican Republic. 

Belize is a beautiful place with lots of fresh air and wide-open spaces for you to enjoy. 

Belize isn’t for the entrepreneurs looking for undisturbed internet access and a stable phone connection. And that is what’s so beautiful about the place. The whole country of Belize seems to have stopped in time, valuing human connection and kindness before building a business or making money. 

You won’t have paved roads, but so what? You’ll have untouched beaches for you to explore and watch the sunset, or sunrise, with someone you treasure. 

About $1,400 is all that’s needed for living a comfortable life on the island. It’s a wonderful place where people depend on one another and are self-sufficient. 

Don’t forget Thailand, especially if you’re planning to start and develop your business there too!

However, if you’re looking for a place to move, experience a new culture, and chase your entrepreneurial aspirations, then Thailand is the place to go. 

Having a pretty stable economy and political landscape, Thailand is a thriving Asian country worth living in. You can still live comfortably in Thailand, despite the rapid development of the country. 

If you’re moving with your family, there are plenty of international schools throughout the country, making the move to another country much easier for the kids. 

You can sustain a normal quality of life with around a thousand US dollars per person, per month. 

Nicaragua is a beautiful country both in nature and in architecture, providing a unique blend of affordability and quality.

Nicaragua is one of the most romantic, picturesque countries in the world. Give its pretty troubling past, the country has blossomed nonetheless. 

In terms of beautiful and exotic places to live, Nicaragua is astonishing, having everything from coastlines to lakes and breathtaking architecture that you can enjoy in almost every major city. 

You can live comfortably with around $1,500 per month, including rent and all the bills, and spend on groceries. 

Wherever you choose to live, make sure yo explore and spend some extra time immersing yourself in the local culture. You’ll be sure to find something that speaks to your hears, as long as you connect with the place.

Which of these five exotic places to live is your favourite?


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