Five things mompreneurs should automate in their business

Juggling between being a mother, wife and an entrepreneur can be challenging as both would take much of your time. However, with automation, you can save some time, improve efficiency and provide your clients with a better customer experience without compromising your duties as a mother.

This post outlines the areas in your business that need automation so you can create a balance between business and family life.

Let’s delve in.

Automation isn’t reserved for a specific gender or big corporations only; both genders and small companies can use automation in every aspect of their business. Mompreneurs, save yourself the precious energy and time by automating these areas of your business.

Customer relations management

Managing a lead pipeline efficiently in any business is always a difficult task and requires a lot of time to do. But, with CRM software, the process can be pretty easy to manage.

Armed with good tools, you can nurture leads, boost customer experience and streamline your sales process.

Setting up a CRM allows you to give exceptional customer service without doing the extra work, thus allowing you to focus on other issues in your business and at home.

Social media scheduling and management.

We live in an era where social media is a central part of every business, regardless of the size. Scheduling and management tools let you manage your visibility across all the social media platforms, develop a personal relationship with customers and become organized.

Use social media sites to automatically keep customers engaged about special events, new products, and services. Doing this allows you to maintain a personal connection with clients flawlessly and conveniently, saving you some little time to focus somewhere in the business.

Customer service

You cannot get a good balance as a mompreneur if you are still answering calls from prospects and customers for hours or worse, still using your personal phone number to make business calls.

With the available automated customer service solutions, you can offer exceptional customer service without doing too much homework. For instance, you can provide a personalized customer experience thanks to the in-built data gathering systems in this software.

What’s more, you can set up a virtual agent system to engage your clients when all the human staff are not around or during peak hours. Using features like chatbot makes your business customer support available on a 24/7 basis.

Sales process

Generating traffic to a business is the first step of sales; converting those leads to buying customers is another different step. It requires skills and energy to streamline the process.

As mompreneurs, automating the sales process helps you nurture leads and guide them through the shopping journey seamlessly while offering complete transparency across the sales team. 

Since each step is checked off, it becomes transparent to the employees responsible for each job done. Doing this guarantees a streamlined process for your clients, enabling you to seal the deal quickly and smoothly.


Keeping track of missed payments and every financial transaction made is tedious to any business owner; it is even more for mompreneurs. Whether small or big, it is crucial to stay on top of the accounting and billings as a business.

Whether the payments are not accepted due to expired cards or somebody just forgot to pay, or the pay is not captured correctly in the accounting books, any financial hitch can really hurt a business.

Besides, the billing and accounting process requires an expert and consumes a lot of time. Luckily, automation relieves this burden. With automated financial systems, you can centralize timesheets, streamline recurring invoices, and get notified on what is paid and what is not.

Collecting feedback from customers

Customers’ feedback and reviews help your business grow, and you cannot assume it. However, collecting this feedback is always time-consuming, and time is what you need most as a mompreneur.

This is one of the critical areas in your business you need to automate because as your business grows, you will find it challenging to reach each person for personalized feedback.


Both operating a business and doing your duties as a mother and a wife need full-time attention. Therefore being a mompreneur is a feat that requires a lot of automation to help create a balance between the two tasks faced as women entrepreneurs.

Whether you would want to automate your billing, customer management, or customer service, there are a lot of options you can choose to automate and create time for your home duties.

If you are one of the mompreneurs finding it difficult to decide which tasks to streamline, make a list of things that consume much of your time and start with them.

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