Follow this Ultimate Pre-Flight Checklist While Heading Off to the Airport

Have you booked an aeroplane ticket for your upcoming international trip? 

You look forward to awakening to a new world while waiting to fill your bag with some fantastic wanderlust stories. But, something that worries you the most is heading off to the airport. It’s an anxiety- inducing experience for a lot of people nowadays. 

Whether you are an avid flyer or an infrequent traveller, you need to take care of the airport fees and the security protocols, which may seem pretty overwhelming. You wish somebody would pick you up from San Antonio and airdrop you at your travel destination, but that is far from reality. So, what should you do? Let your fear surpass the fantastic destination that awaits? 

Hell no, because this handy flight checklist is sure to help you get to the airport, the frightening security, and the gate pretty quickly. Stick on to discover how:

Before Leaving the House

Before even beginning to pack, consult this packing list to ensure that you’re well prepared:

  1. Check-in online to prevent the long airport waiting time. Passengers have the ease of checking in online, usually 24 hours before the flight.
  2. Check if the carrier charges extra baggage fees. Save yourself time and money after checking your bags online before going. 
  3. Verify if the airline’s weight limits are for the baggage itself. You can weigh your bags at your home using a small luggage scale to avoid final moment surprises. Consider removing, redistributing, or oozing extra money from your pockets in case they’re overweight. 
  4. Ensure keeping all your travel documents in place so that they’re easily accessible. Add your hotel phone number as emergency contacts in your phone. 
  5. Reserve a spot for Airport Parking at San Antonio by entering your trip dates and choose the most convenient reservation. Pre-pay the charges either online or through phone, securely, without any hidden costs. Doing this helps you attain a sigh of relief on the day of your return, as all you’ve to do is pick your car and head home. 
  6. Ensure checking that you’re not travelling with any prohibited items. 

At the Check-in Gate

  1. Once you’re at the airport, head to the check-in gate, recall all the advance to-dos and take appropriate actions. 
  2. After checking in by kiosk, drop off all the bags at the appropriate counters. 
  3. Get your ID and boarding pass and take them out for the security line.
  4. Place all your belongings on the conveyor belt. 
  5. After successful checking, reclaim all your items and head towards the gate with excitement. 

At the Gate

You’re almost done now. Thereby, before you board the plane, check the following:

  1. Make sure that your carry-ons fit the overhead dimensions.
  2. Check if your airline serves you meals or snacks, else consider purchasing food from your terminal.
  3. Wait for the clearance to board the plane. Make sure that you get in line with the designated group. 
  4. Get seated on your aeroplane seat comfortably and ask the designated personnel for any assistance. 

The Verdict

Following the steps carefully will enable you to ease anxiety. After all, the airport head-off process isn’t as complicated as you think it is. Do you also have some expert tips to prepare yourself for a trip to the airport? Share your to-do’s of handling the check-ins and security! 

And, a not-to-miss tip: Happy Flying, folks!

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