Saving Money: Six of the Weirdest and Most Unusual Things to Do

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There are many weird methods of saving money. While scouring the home decor pins I came across this unusually placed, but very helpful pin entitled “20 Weird Ways to Save Money“. This now defunct post was a bit eye-opening, but intriguing nonetheless. Our financial journeys are all different, but today I share with you four of the weirdest and most unusual things to do to save money.

Don’t Wash Your Hair

The first weird way to save money was by suggesting you don’t wash your hair. Seriously, who has time to blow dry, flat iron and style their hair on the daily? Not me. I have an unruly mane and it takes at least a couple of hours for the process to be done. It depends on your hair texture, the oiliness of it, and even the climate which you live in.

I tend to go a few days without washing my hair and it has become much healthier and is shiny and nourished. Living in England I can afford to go days without washing my hair, but if I was back in Texas that would be a different story so adjust accordingly. Not only has the health of my hair improved, but I can now splurge on better hair products and their lifespan is longer than it was in the past.

Ways to Save Money: Flushing Less

Another of the tips that got my attention and falls into the gross category is flushing less. Stop making that face and keep reading. Apparently “if it’s yellow let it mellow if it’s brown flush it down”. Pretty self-explanatory.

While some of the tips on 20 Weird Ways to Save Money were not so weird for me the article did get my brain going, which led me to reach out to the people on my now defunct frugality Facebook group and ask – what are the weirdest things you have done or are willing to do to save money? Here are some that are definitely different, but totally worth sharing!

Water down your milk 

Yes, you read right! Apparently, if you use it only for your tea (dare I say coffee as well) you can’t tell the difference. Saving money can get weird!

Ways to Save Money: Replace branded with generic

My significant other isn’t fussy when it comes to brands, so I count myself lucky. As for the girl who shared this tip, well hers is – she said he swears by Kellogg’s cereal and she has bought the value brand and put it in a container before he got home from work, she says he hasn’t noticed! That goes to show that generics and branded aren’t all that different sometimes.

Ways to Save Money: Re-use bathwater

Not for someone else’s bath though, but to flush the toilet! If you use a bucket to pour the water into the toilet away go the contents.

Pick up receipts

Have you seen receipts lying about in supermarket car parks, in the store itself, or just lying around in the self-service tills? I have and so has another group member. What are you meant to do with them you ask? Pick them up! A group member found a receipt in the Asda car park that had a price match guarantee worth £6! She got herself a free bottle of wine! This one can be a bit controversial as some forum members brought up the legality of this practice.
What’s the weirdest thing you would do when it comes to saving money? What do you think of the above methods?
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