Fun Ideas For A Summer Birthday Party

There are many benefits of having a Summer birthday when you are a child or an adult. The warmer weather brings a lot more opportunities that are fun for everyone involved. A lot of these ideas you can do in your own garden so you don’t even have to hunt down a venue if you’re lucky enough to have a Summer birthday party. You don’t have to cram loads of people in your house when the sun is shining in your garden. Here are a few fun ideas for a Summer birthday party.

Have a BBQ party

If there is one thing people love about Summer, it is the BBQs that come with the hot weather. Everyone loves sitting outside with some delicious sausages and burgers which are made fresh in the garden. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right equipment to make your delicious summer feast. Look for a store or website (like this one here) that has a full array of outdoor cooking equipment to set up your outdoor kitchen. You can dress the outdoor table with a fun table cover and then get plenty of plates and cups. Kids will love munching on the delicious grub while enjoying the hot weather.

Adults can enjoy a BBQ with a cocktail which will go down a treat during a fun BBQ party. You can get lots of fun BBQ accessories from companies such as Party Bags and Supplies which will help you to throw a fun and colourful party in your back garden.

Go for traditional outdoor games

You can also take inspiration from old school sports days when planning a Summer birthday party. Have a party where you take part in traditional games such as the sack race and tug of war which will be loved by children and adults alike. They will all get in the competitive spirit and will have a lot of fun taking part in these traditional games. A lot of the items you need you can make yourself as discussed in this article from BHG, so it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. Also, remember to get some prizes for the winners.

Hot tub party

We all would love a hot tub in our garden. After all, they are perfect for parties. If you are lucky enough to have a hot tub in your garden, throw a Summer birthday party which will allow you all to have some water fun. You can all grab a drink and then have a relaxing time in the hot tub. If you don’t have one, there are many companies where you can rent one for your garden for a short period.

Or you could even get an inflatable one such as a Lay-Z-Spa which are ideal for the garden. If the birthday party is for a child, you can even add the water fun with a water slide and some water guns so they can have a fun time and cool down in the garden.

Have a tea party in your garden

You could also take inspiration from the Mad Hatters tea party by having one in your garden for a fun birthday party this Summer. You can put bunting up and decorate the table to enjoy a high tea in the warm weather. For adults, you can get some teapots and then enjoy a relaxing afternoon of enjoying a traditional afternoon tea of cakes, scones and sandwiches.

For kids, there are plenty of small foods they can enjoy along with traditional lemonade at their tea party. If you don’t have a table, as it says on Netmums, place a mat on the floor along with cushions to still enjoy the party in the garden.

Have a beach party

Bring the beach to your garden for a fun Summer birthday party you won’t forget in the hurry. Style the garden like a beach with a sanded area and fun beach activities such as volleyball and bat and ball. Kids will love a sandpit where they can all play during the party. Make sure you have a beach wear outfit theme so that it feels like you really have hit the seaside this Summer.

Enjoy an outdoor cinema in your garden

You have likely been to an outdoor cinema during the Summer months before. Whether at a stately home or at a beach, they are a fun outing the family loves. For a brilliant Summer birthday party, you should host an outdoor cinema in your own garden.

Hire or buy an inflatable screen that you can place in your garden and then project a film onto it. Put out some deck chairs and make sure you get some popcorn so that it feels like a real cinema experience that kids and adults will enjoy.

Once you’ve decided on what type of party you want, start listing down all the things you need to get in order, from the guest list to the menu. Your most urgent task is deciding your guest list. Planning your budget, venue, party favors, and other things revolves around your guest list, so you need to get that organized early on. 

With a completed guest list, you can also start making your summer party invitations and sending them out. As a rule, hosts should send out party invitations three weeks before the party date to give guests enough time to respond and prepare. 

Organizing a summer party can be incredibly fun but also stressful. Starting early with the preparation and being systematic about it will help ensure a successful and hassle-free party.

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