How to make the most of your garden room at Christmas

Christmas is the time of year when we get to spend more time with our friends and family. Many times we can meet up at the pub for a catch up, but when it comes to the official celebrations, we tend to meet up at home. Sometimes having a full house can become a bit of a nightmare if everyone is cramped inside. Instead of staying cramped inside the house, we wanted to share with you some ideas to help you make the most of your garden room at Christmas. 

How to make the most of your garden room at Christmas

Take the party outside

While many winter days can be dreary and drizzly, there are also those days that can be quite pleasant. Why not get outdoors and use your garden studio as an outdoor room that can host guests too? Using your garden room as an annexe to the main home during your Christmas celebrations will allow your guests to have more room to mingle, and make everything more enjoyable for everyone. A garden room with underfloor heating can become a cosy space for guests that prefer to be outdoors getting some fresh air without having to freeze!

This also lets your guests enjoy the surrounding landscape, which is perfect if you’ve toiled all summer to get that perfect garden. Consider your garden room that extra space that can help your guests feel like they are celebrating the holidays in a luxurious country home instead of being cramped in a semi-detached. 

Consider year-round use

You may have chosen your garden room as a summer house, but who says that you can’t also enjoy your garden room during winter? Even as the days get shorter, you can find that your garden room is a perfect place to set up your home office and turn it into a temporary garden studio – after all, the daylight hours are precious and moving your office space to the garden room is a great way to enjoy working outside during the winter. This also means that you can go all out and decorate for Christmas too! ​

How to make the most of your garden room at Christmas

Create a Christmas room

Another way to enjoy your garden room is to make it a dedicated Christmas room. This is the perfect opportunity to have guests enjoy your home without having to go into the main house and making too much of a mess. Having french doors or a sliding door from the kitchen into the garden will also make for perfect transition areas for your guests to enjoy.

The Christmas room can be a focal point and can host your friends and family specifically for any celebrations. Think about how lovely a Christmas room will be all set up with a Christmas tree. You can even set up a dining area and table and have Christmas lunch as close to al fresco as can be all whilst keeping toasty and warm. 

Have a hot-tub room

What is better than a hot tub? A hot tub that is enclosed in a private space, under a solid roof, and with plenty of natural light without full exposure to the elements. A contemporary garden room can be turned into a winter wonderland this Christmas by transforming your garden room into place to soak and relax. 

Taking advantage of our outdoors spaces at any time of year is a great idea. This ensures that our investment is one that we can truly enjoy year-round, not only on a specific date. We immediately tend to think that garden studios are a summer only type of thing, but this shows that a garden room, with the right garden room ideas can be transformed into a haven for any time of year, even Christmas. 

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