How To Get Your Mojo Back After Having Kids


If you’ve brought children into the world, you’re blessed. Children give your life meaning, but there’s another side of having kids that women are often too guilty to discuss: the changes their bodies experience. Some of these changes go away after pregnancy, but others stick around.

Examples include a looser stomach or extra weight gain around your hips. The thing to remember is that you don’t have to mourn your old self. You can get it back after having kids, whether from exercise, healthy eating, or cosmetic surgery. Although cosmetic surgery sometimes gets a bad rap, it can help you to regain your previous confidence, especially if you’re dealing with stubborn post-baby weight.

According to the Huffington Post, many women feel bad about their bodies after pregnancy. As psychotherapist and body image specialist Holli Ruben says in the article, women feel pressure to look a certain way based on society’s rules of what is beautiful and what isn’t.

Before you start any type of mommy makeover, think about what you’re hoping to achieve. As long as you’re not making changes to your body because of what society or other people determine is attractive, you have every right to reclaim your previous looks. Being a mother doesn’t mean you’re no longer a sexy, attractive woman, after all.

Here are some ways to get your mojo back:

After Having Kids, Nourish Your Body, Don’t Punish It

Now’s not the time to drastically cut calories. Your body’s gone through a lot of stress with the pregnancy and birth, so you want to replenish the nutrients and energy your body has lost. Remember that you also need these nutrients for your baby’s wellbeing, such as for breastfeeding and having enough energy to look after your baby.

Focusing on healthy foods can be a natural way to lose some weight without depriving yourself. Make sure your diet is full of fresh produce, non-processed meals, and healthy fats, such as avocados, nuts, and olive oil. Avoid “easy” meals, such as relying on takeaways and junk food. It helps to plan your meals ahead of time so that you don’t get tempted by the processed food option.

Get Back Into An Exercise Routine ASAP

Experts say that it’s a good idea to start working out as soon as possible after your pregnancy since after approximately a month the scar tissue around your midsection starts to settle and fat hardens in this area, which can make it even more difficult to lose weight at a later stage. Aim for 30 minutes of toning exercises, such as crunches, and 30 minutes of cardio four times a week. You can even use your baby to sculpt your body, such as by lifting your baby instead of weights.

Have A Post-Natal Makeover 

A parenting site study found that the average mum spends £1,871 to try to get her body back after pregnancy, with one in 40 women choosing expensive body-shaping surgery, and 35 percent saying they’d have it if they could afford it.

There are many cosmetic surgery procedures you can have, depending on your budget, that will rejuvenate your body and self-confidence. Breast procedures, for instance, correct issues that affect your breast during pregnancy, such as sagging. The benefit of breast augmentation is that it has a short recovery time, according to mommy makeover surgeon in Scottsdale.

Another procedure to have done by a board-certified plastic surgeon is a tummy tuck to help the skin around your stomach go back to its firm and elastic state.

There are also facial rejuvenation procedures that don’t have to cost a lot but can give you a glow while removing signs of ageing, such as Botox and laser resurfacing to reclaim your youthful appearance.

After Having Kids: Invite Your Support System Over

You shouldn’t have to do motherhood on your own, and you certainly don’t have to try to reclaim your pre-baby body alone after having kids. Support, such as in the form of a fitness buddy or babysitter when you need to go to the gym, can go a long way to help you stay on track to achieving your goals. It also helps to have a group of positive, supportive mothers around so you can share your thoughts, feelings, and struggles. It’s amazing how much this can refuel your mental energy and motivation.

Your body undergoes a huge transformation after having a baby, both mentally and physically. You don’t have to keep some of the changes that occur if you don’t want to, such as excess weight gain. Whether it’s with exercise, nutrition, or plastic surgery, there are many options to help you get your mojo back after having kids.

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