Why Getting Engaged is a Memory That Should Be Preserved

Your engagement. It’s said to be one of the most memorable moments in your love life. Whether you are proposed to (or are the one doing the proposing) in public with all your friends and family gathered around or opt for a more intimate affair solely between the couple, getting engaged is a moment worth capturing. The genuine reaction you get from the surprise, the joy, and that intimate moment are worth more than the vague details your memory will recall on your 25th or even your 10th wedding anniversary.

Have you realised that we mainly focus on capturing the wedding and forget about getting engaged?

Today I want to share with you why it is just as important, if not more so, to make sure that you capture your engagement on video.

The Wedding

A wedding is a shared experience – it’s something that you share with your family and friends. It’s something that others will also enjoy and have fond memories of. Years down the line you will share anecdotes, talk about the dress, and laugh about the memories. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have a photo album and maybe even a video to remember and cherish the special day for what will hopefully be the rest of your life.

The Marriage

After the ceremony has come and gone you get to the really important part of the whole thing – the marriage. With that comes the excitement of building a home together. You may be busy putting all your energy and attention, and spare pennies, into saving for a deposit for a house. Or you may be focused on planning for a new arrival to the family. Once the wedding has come and gone the engagement can be pushed to the back-burner. In reality, this very intimate moment was the catalyst to everything that is to come!

Focusing on the Engagement

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. I’m not suggesting that you should arrange for someone to come and video or take photographs of you going down on one knee. While there are people who may choose to do that, for most it would ruin the intimacy and the magic of the moment. That special spark that happens can’t be replicated. And if someone were to appear with a camera just as you’re about to pop the question it could be pretty distracting for your other half. You want their undivided attention because that’s what is going to make the occasion memorable for years to come.

A wonderful idea is to use an Engagement Cam. I’ve recently come across a great startup, that I’m collaborating with on this post, that creates ring boxes that hold a hidden camera to capture that special moment when, as they say, the question is “popped”.

getting engaged: The engagement cam box

getting engaged: the Engagement Cam

getting engaged: The Engagement Cam

Nestled inside a discreet and absolutely lovely ring box this handcrafted box is a piece of art. It’s discreet and can help you capture the moment when you get engaged without making your intentions known beforehand.

Engagement Cam captures footage in 15-minute loops, saves your footage onto an 8gb card. It can be charged from 0 – 100% in under 2 hours. The inbuilt microphone and one button control makes the entire process easy as pie. If you’re not an editing pro you can also get your video edited.

The Engagement Cam is available for rent or sale. But I think the best option is definitely renting it to ensure that you use the cam for your special day and allow someone else to also capture their special moment too. On top of that, it’s a more budget-friendly option with the £200 fee vs the £400 fee to purchase the camera outright. Though, that’s also a good option if you want to have a special memento of the day as well!

Reliving the intimacy and the special moment of getting engaged in a more tangible way than solely recalling your memories is a way to keep the love alive. The special feelings and the intimacy that was part of that unique moment will always last. But the video and the photos from the moment will forever help spark the feelings from such a special life moment.

in collaboration with Engagement Cam
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