Getting Rid of Bad Habits in Your Life


Bad habits affect us all. Whether it’s something harmful to our health such as binging on alcohol or something that annoys others like swearing on a regular basis, there are many ways to help you overcome your troubles. To give you some advice, here are a couple of ways to help you get rid of bad habits in your life.

Find What Causes the Bad Habits

First, find out what causes you to develop or indulge in your bad habit. In many cases, a bad habit triggers from stress or even boredom. Many people smoke because they’re stressed and people often drink because they have depressing thoughts that they want to get rid of.

Cut the Triggers to Get Rid of Bad Habits

Learn to identify the triggers and cut them out of your life. For instance, if your work is causing you stress which results in smoking, speak with your employer to get your work or hours reduced. If you think that you’re bored at home which is why you just drink and watch television, then look for a new hobby to replace your bad habits and keep you occupied.

Distract Yourself from Bad Habits

There’s power in distraction, believe me. As they say, the Devil makes work for idle hands.

Do you have a hobby you haven’t yet had the time or proper inclination to develop? Let me give you an example. I’m a music anorak and I love collecting vinyl records. But the price of getting my hands on them used to be quite prohibitive. Until that is, I discovered cheap vinyl UK.  Now I look to buy a new vinyl record every month at least. The feeling is hugely satisfying, and all I had to do to get it going was look online.

Learn to Replace, not Just Get Rid of Bad Habits

Finally, remember that you need to replace your bad habits, not just spend time getting rid of your bad habits. If you love smoking, then the healthier alternative would be to use e-cigarettes instead. While e-cigarettes are a fantastic alternative to a bad habit such as smoking, it’s crucial that you look for the right brands that are dedicated to helping you quit.

Unfortunately, many of the big e-cigarette brands are actually owned by cigarette brands, so who can you actually trust? The graph below will help you pick the right e-cigarette company to help you quit smoking.

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