Getting Yourself Out There: 7 Ways to Meet a Potential Romantic Partner

Modern singles often put off marriage while they build careers, but that often makes for a lonely life. Divorce is also common today, adding even more singles to the population. Both men and women often spend 50 or more hours at work, leaving them little time to meet new people. Fortunately, if you are single and searching, there are some creative ways to find a romantic partner.

1.) Take Advantage of Chatlines

Modern chatlines are ideal for hard-working singles since many offer late-night services. Chatlines work like the old singles ads that ran in newspapers, but users create and respond to messages via phones. Men and women record voice greetings that describe themselves. Others who hear their messages can call and begin a phone chat that might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

2.) Enroll in a Yoga Class

Yoga classes are always a good idea, since they can make you more limber and toned, always a good thing in dating. However, men have a special advantage because women tend to outnumber men seven to one in yoga classes.

3.) Visit a Dog Park and Benefit from Animal Attraction

Nothing sparks a conversation faster than meeting another dog lover, which is why you should take your favorite pet to a local dog park for exercise if you are single. The idea has become so popular that Huffpost ran an article explaining how to flirt while exercising Fido. Dog park flirting can begin with something as simple as a comment on how beautiful or well-trained a pet is. For more intriguing ways to start conversations, especially if you’re looking for fun and flirty exchanges, you can check out these tips on flirting Conversations.

4.) Get Social at the Gym

The majority of singles try to stay fit and often workout at least once or twice a week. Why not take advantage and use the time to scope out someone new and interesting who could become your romantic partner?

According to a recent Women’s Health issue, 25% of pairs who flirt at gyms end up in relationships. The meeting is easy because you have an automatic conversation starter. Just ask people about their fitness goals or something equally innocent. One cautionary note, however. It is never a good idea to stare at someone who is working out. It could make them want to avoid you.

5.) Volunteer for a Favorite Cause

There are plenty of good causes that need volunteers, and when you become one of them, you get a chance to meet people who share your values. Members of groups that work for a common purpose become friends and often get together for meals and talk. It’s a great way to get to know someone without jumping into dating.

6.) Join a New Club

If you have a hobby that you enjoy in your downtime, why not get involved in a club that promotes it? There are groups for everything from roller-blading and bicycling to wine tasting and bird watching. You instantly make dozens of new friends who are happy to talk about things that interest you. Even if you don’t find a romantic partner, they will eventually introduce you to other friends or relatives who could be ideal.

7.) Meet Lifelong Learners While Taking Classes

Adult classes offer an excellent way to meet new people. You can learn a new skill or get college credits while meeting interesting people who want to improve themselves. Even better, learning centers and college campuses include hundreds of students, so you could easily meet a terrific person while grabbing a snack or looking for a classroom.

Although millions of singles are looking for partners, there are a lot of activities that make it easy to meet new people. Singles are having success using everything from chatlines to exercising pets in dog parks.


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