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gift guide for children

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I am so excited about Christmas this year and I really don’t know why. Primarily because it’s time for a well deserved break, and secondly because there are so many gorgeous things out there for you to gift your loved ones. Today I wanted to begin my gift guide posts with this gift guide for children. There are loads of items one can pick out based on the current crazes, but I love a timeless gift more than anything.

Have a look at some of my favourites in this gift guide for children, and at why I think they are the best gifts to consider this Christmas.

Gift Guide for Children: Board Games

Whether it be Guess Who, Jenga, or our current favourite Frustration, board games are a fantastic option. Not only do little ones learn so much like communication, patience, and social skills, but you get to spend time as a family. Quality family time is so important and enjoying board games during the holidays makes so many special family memories.


Like it or not technology is here to stay. Children are learning more about technology at an earlier age than ever. In my household we don’t believe in being glued to screens. But we do like to encourage creativity. Our little ones, like many other kids, know how to use mobile phones and tablets. What better way to encourage their need to experience and learn than with their own gadgets such as a camera or tablet.

I have so much trust in the girls that when we are on a day out they are allowed to use my expensive kit. They also have their own cameras and love taking them out. I love seeing the world from their perspective. I also love the V Tech Innotab because not only does it use android apps that the kids can play with, but it has it’s own set of educational games to choose from.

Gift Guide for Children: Bicycle

What better way to get the family moving together than by taking the bikes out for a nice winter ride. Bicycles are so much fun to ride and a fun way to get the family outdoors. It’s also a perfect way to get rid of those extra pounds we may have put on during Christmas!

Little Passports

If you have a curious little one, then I cannot recommend Little Passports enough. Little Passports is a monthly subscription service that brings the best of what the world has to offer straight to your home. The subscription box is geared for children between the ages of 3 and 12, and it allows them to have a personal interaction with cultures and countries worldwide.

The explorer kit is the first box of your subscription and one that provides a suitcase, a passport, a wall map, souvenirs, and other goodies to get your child ready for the adventures to come.

The Early Explorers box (ages 3-5) explores a new world theme – such as music, oceans, and dinosaurs. Whilst the World Edition box (ages 6-10) brings a new country right to your letterbox. Subscription options vary – you can choose month to month, a 6 month subscription, and a 12 month subscription. Always check my sidebar as I will be sharing discount codes for you throughout the year!

Gift Guide for Children: Stuffed Toys

You can’t go wrong with a cuddly toy! I remember a stuffed brown dog I got for Christmas as a kid and gosh how I loved that dog. As the saying goes, “a puppy is for life, not just for Christmas” so this is a perfect way to make them smile without having a dog that actually barks and pants. If your kids are like mine, and they like to carry a stuffed toy around for comfort then Palm Palms are a great option. They’re small enough to carry in a rucksack or put into your handbag once your kids are done carrying them around. The size is perfect and the designs are very cute, so they’re definitely a great option in terms of soft toys. 

Doll Houses

Last, but certainly not least on my list of favourites are doll houses. Dolls and doll houses are absolutely gorgeous, and well, what more can I say than I love all things miniature. So this one is mainly for me.

Contrary to what you may be thinking at this point, I do not believe in gender specific toys. This is just a gift guide of some of my favourites for our little ones. The items are gender neutral and you can choose different colours for the items I have mentioned. I just happen to like pink!

Before we go, if you’re looking for something a bit different for your kids this year, check out this great guide on how to buy a microscope for your kids.

What are your favourites from this gift guide for children?


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