5 Easy Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Refresh for Spring

Giving Your Kitchen a Refresh for Spring

The kitchen is the heart of the home and even though it’s the most used room in the home it can sometimes end up falling into a rut! Giving your kitchen a refresh for spring is quite simple, really. All it takes is swapping out a few bits and ends and you can make sure your kitchen is ready for some sun and warmer days!

1) Change Curtains, Tea Towels, & Table Linens

The first things that I would consider swapping out are the kitchen curtains or window fixtures. A fresh new pair of kitchen curtains can make all the difference as to whether or not your kitchen looks fresh and ready to welcome the warmer days. Sure, we can get our curtains cleaned but you can’t beat a fresh new pair to make sure that the curtains are truly clean and free of grease and the scents from all of our winter comfort cooking. The fresh air doesn’t feel as fresh if it first has to pass through grimy curtains, don’t you agree?

Something else that is simple to swap out but makes a massive change are tea towels. Have you ever wondered why you still have tea towels that have seen better days? I do, all the time. It’s fun to swap out my tea towels based on wear and tear but sometimes the right thing to do is to replace the whole lot. I especially like that colours are patterns can make such a big change to your kitchen. The best part that it doesn’t break the bank!

Nowadays many of us don’t use tablecloths and cloth napkins, but if you do then swapping them out seasonally is also a very simple way to make an impact.

2) Put Your Food on Display

Spring makes me want to eat fresher food and I’m sure I’m not the only one. With an abundance of fruit and vegetables in my kitchen, why not put them on display? The bright and natural colours of our food can add to the decor if we use them wisely. From putting all of our fruit on display in a fruit bowl and opting for a more relaxed vibe to keeping things fresh, vibrant, and a little more organised by putting our lemons and limes in glass jars. Just like Khloe Kardashian does for her cookies!

3) Create an Herb Garden

Bringing the outside in is my favourite way of creating a seamless transition between the outdoors and the indoors. Whilst I’m an advocate of houseplants to help oxygenate your home I also think that creating a little indoor garden is a fab option! Herb gardens are simple to make, you’ll need:

  • small rocks for drainage
  • soil
  • mason jars
  • seeds

Add the rocks to the bottom of your mason jar then a thick layer of soil then your seeds. Top with a layer of soil and voila. Your own little windowsill herb garden that brings the outside in and helps prepare your kitchen to welcome the sunshine and warmer weather!

4) Paint!

Paint can dramatically change a room so if you own your home or have the ok from your landlord to paint then, by all means, take out your paint brush and get some colours on the wall. You don’t have to paint your entire kitchen. But adding a small accent wall can help bring some colour into the room. Especially, if your palette is a neutral one.

If you can’t paint the walls then you can create an accent wall by using renter friendly removable wallpaper!

5) Wall Art

On the subject of walls, I can’t pass up the chance to mention printables. It’s so simple to buy some printables online, or even make your own, frame them, and use them to adorn your walls with whatever designs and colours you want for the season. Wall art is a simple way to make a massive change without having to worry about making a big commitment to a certain colour or style. If you’re tired of the design a simple swap is all it takes. Keep your favourites in rotation and you’re good to go!

My aunt used to use high-quality images from interiors magazines and her kitchen was always looking smart and different for every season.

There you have it lovelies. Some of my favourite ways to get your kitchen looking spring ready!


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