Great Date Ideas in San Diego

San Diego is an amazing part of California, right on the Pacific Coast, with so much to do and so much to see! Whether you are looking to explore some of the beautiful beaches that can be found there or the lovely parks for a walk, you probably want to be spending time with someone you love. Or if not love just yet, someone you like!

As there is so much to offer in San Diego, finding a partner to enjoy fun dating in San Diego with is always a plus!

It’s a good idea to use dating sites that focus on San Diego Personals and keep things pretty local – always useful when finding someone to go out with. But where should you be taking them?

OB Farmers Market

For a first date, you’ll probably want something casual – something low pressure. A first date in public is usually a good idea, especially if you have got to know each other chatting online! Find something that you would enjoy doing, but doesn’t take too much focus away from of getting to know the other person.

The Ocean Beach Farmers Market is a great option. The market is open during the afternoon, which means you can go out after lunch but before dinnertime. This is ideal as it means there is no commitment to sticking around for dinner or purchasing a big meal. You both can walk around, commenting on various bits of produce for sale, and getting to know each other without any pressure or weight of expectation. 

The Cat Cafe

If you are ready to go out for a meal, the Cat Cafe in San Diego is a great place to get to know someone. Surrounded by a bunch of fluffy felines, looking for a forever home themselves, you can sip drinks and eat small nibbles while you talk. Having the distraction of cats to fill in the awkward silences that always happen on dates can be very useful – and you can even play with them! It’s a great experience for everyone involved, trust me.

Balboa Park

If you are looking to get out into some nature, possibly on a second date or a more serious first date, Balboa Park is beautiful. With 15 museums within the location, loads of parks to walk through, different trails, and so much to see – you’ll find plenty to see and do as you enjoy the day. This park often has featured events, from lectures to exhibitions, if you want something more structured to your date. Otherwise, you are free to explore the stunning grounds as you learn about each other.

There are also plenty of beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and restaurants in San Diego. What’s most important is going somewhere you are comfortable and taking the time to get to know each other to see if you would like to keep seeing each other.

Have you been to San Diego? Whether you have or not, where would you go for a date in this gorgeous city?


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