5 Great Small Backyard Ideas with Fake Grass

If you’re a regular around these parts you’ll know that we are huge fans and proponents of making the most of your space regardless of the size. In recent years the popularity of tiny houses and smaller homes overall has made it more acceptable no embrace and beautify your space regardless of the size. This also extends to outdoor areas. 

Even the smallest gardens can be transformed into something charming. Even though we may get quite enough rain in the UK, not everyone wants to deal with the upkeep of natural grass. This is why synthetic grass has also become more and more popular. From a fire pit to a rock garden, let’s discuss how you can make your garden special with these small backyard ideas with fake grass. 

Small Backyard Ideas with Fake Grass

Embrace synthetic turf

Real grass is quite special. We all seem to love lush greenery and there’s nothing quite like sinking your bare feet into the ground during summer whilst relaxing in the garden. The truth is though, it’s not always easy to have that lush grass. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to get the lawn mower out and keep it perfectly manicured or there are times when brown spots just won’t regrow due to foot traffic. Add to that the time it takes to keep up with that much maintenance. 

This is why more people are choosing fake turf – it’s less maintenance and also a great choice for your water bill! An artificial turf lawn doesn’t have to look ugly. Here are some ways to get that faux grass looking as good as the real thing. 

Choose the right backyard landscape designs

One of the best ways to get your garden looking great is to focus on your backyard landscaping. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending lots of money on a professional landscaper – DIY can work fine too. Take the size of your garden into consideration and set aside designated areas for each specific need. If you have children add a playground are and then a small seating area. Or if you prefer to have live plants then use small trees in pots or raised garden beds to have a mix of the more natural look and the manicured options of a synthetic lawn. 

Start by choosing the right landscaping ideas for your outdoor living space and make your backyard renovation really bespoke based upon your personal taste and what you want to achieve with your garden. Sure, if you have a big backyard then you’ll have more space to do this, but these design ideas work perfectly in smaller spaces too!

Start with the right pavers

We are focusing on a green lawn, but before you can get that green lawn sorted I recommend laying down your paver patio. Pavers aren’t only practical, they also help your space be beautiful at the same time. Yorkstone paving is a perfect option. Not only does it come in a variety colours, but textures too! Yorkstone is one of the most durable and strong stones to make pavers from as it can withstand heavy traffic.

You can even use it around the pool area as it remains slip resistant even when wet. The different colours and textures make it a better and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to concrete pavers or concrete slabs and perfect base for your outdoor furniture. 

Choose the focal point of your outdoor space

Small Backyard Ideas with Fake Grass

small backyard ideas with fake grass

When you are designing your small garden a good idea is to choose the focal point of your space. That could easily be the sitting area or outdoor living space area. Or if you want to focus on a water feature like a small pond our fountain, that’s a good idea too. The idea is to create enough visual interest in a small space to make that small area stand out. 

Lay down the best artificial grass

Once you have your garden design sorted then it’s time to lay down the green turf. One thing to consider is how much the rolls of artificial grass cost. These can all range from £10 – £50 per square metre. You may also need to take the cost of installation into consideration if you are not installing the faux turf yourself and then determine the cheapest way to go. 

As you can see, it’s easy to incorporate these small backyard ideas with fake grass into your garden design. Along with the right paver stones you can create the perfect artificial grass backyard that is ideal for small spaces!

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