A Definitive Guide to Buying Adjustable Bed Sets

If you’re considering buying adjustable bed sets, your options are endless. Today, there are hundreds of options you can find in the market. One important thing you should know of is that adjustable beds are basically “superstructure,” or an underlying support base for your sleep surface. Whether you go for a memory foam mattress, an air bed mattress, or even your traditional coil-type mattress, purchasing the surface is different from choosing your preferred adjustable “base.” 

In recent years, adjustable beds have revolutionized the standard “craftsmanship” bed base that many of us are familiar with. The modern plates today are made with lightweight materials. The motors used are quieter since these are now secured in sound dampening cases. Other moving parts are made of durable substances such as nylon. Some even have massage features, fail-safe devices, and remote controls.

With all these added features, choosing the best bed to sleep well on can be overwhelming. These are the key points you need to consider when buying adjustable beds. 

Know your mattress surface first

This sounds so basic, but surprisingly, a lot of buyers are so overwhelmed with the features of adjustable beds that they end up forgetting to choose the right sleep surface suitable for their needs. Ideally, go to some stores, try some mattresses on several adjustable beds. Whether you choose airbeds, memory foam beds, or even the usual coil beds, it’s best to try them on first before you settle on the ideal adjustable base. 

Go for adjustable beds that are easy to manage

Meaning, choose the one that you can easily transport and one that assembles quickly and provides you with clear instructions. Most adjustable beds these days are ready to assemble. 

Other considerations worth looking into are your current bed components. The more modern adjustable beds work well with the conventional bed frames and headboards. Remember, though, that adjustable beds are not compatible with platforms in some cases. For example, when the elevation is very high for your legs, or your platform is not sturdy enough to handle the weight of your adjustable base. 

When buying adjustable beds versus regular beds, the most significant difference is that with the adjustable ones, you have to factor in the motor’s durability. After all, this is the component the provides the elevation power of a base. In most cases, the strength of the motor is determined by the warranty of the adjustable bed. To be safe, go by the principle that the more extended the warranty, the better the product.

The lifespan of the motor is also another consideration. Whether the engine is direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) motor, you need to understand the difference between both. AC motors are what you usually use for home electricity. They are larger, louder, and more pricey, although the takeaway here is that they last longer than DCs. 

Remote Control

Another thing to check when you buy adjustable beds is the remote control. Is it wireless or wired? Wireless remote controls can possibly get interfered with by other wireless devices within its area. If you have this habit of forgetting where you put your devices, the chances of you losing your wireless remote control are very high. 

Before you make your final choice when it comes to buying adjustable bed sets, make sure you read the fine prints to understand what is and what is not covered. Inquire about charges, talk about warranties, and know how the manufacturer handles concerns like broken down units.


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