A Complete Guide to Flower Color Meanings

Most people are aware that different types of flowers have different meanings – for example, roses being a symbol of love. But the colours of many different flowers also have significant meaning.

So what do different flower colours mean? And how can you use this knowledge to put together the perfect bouquet?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about flower colour meanings!

Red Flowers

First, let’s start with a classic colour for flowers – red. Red flowers symbolize passionate love and desire due to the powerful and rich connotations of the colour.

If you want to tell your partner “I love you” with a big and bold statement, look no further than a bunch of red flowers. Look out for roses (of course), but also poppies, tulips, and carnations.

A lesser-known meaning of red flowers is that they also convey respect and strength.

Blue Flowers

Next, when considering what does flower colour mean, let’s explore the colour blue. Blue flowers send a message of calmness and tranquility, so are great to send to a loved one who is experiencing a difficult time and whom you wish to reassure.

If you’re looking to spread some peace or remove stress from an environment, why not purchase some blue hydrangeas, cornflowers, or irises?

Blue flowers can also make the perfect gift for your other half if you’re in a long-term relationship, as they also denote trust and fulfillment.

Pink Flowers

Pink flowers are the ones to choose if you’re looking to spread grace and joy. Gorgeous pink flowers are found in peonies, lilies, and azaleas. 

Pink also classically represents femininity, so these can also make the perfect mother’s day gift with their combinations of playfulness and sensitivity.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, the folks at the Phillip’s Flowers wedding flowers department have recently put together some beautiful pink and peach table arrangements.

White Flowers

White flowers are an elegant choice that will match any interior. If you’re searching for a shade that represents modesty, innocence, or perfection, then opt for white flowers.

Examples of classic white flowers include lilies, gardenias, and orchids.

White flowers are commonly associated with both weddings and funerals, due to their more solemn appearance compared to gaudy arrangements.

Purple Flowers

Finally, we’ll look at when you might want to send purple flowers as a gift. Purple flowers can represent pride and success, so they are a great option for congratulating someone’s promotion at work or to celebrate good news.

If looking for a purple flower, try out clematis, lavender, or bell flower.

Lilac tones can also convey grace and refinement, so think carefully about the shade of purple you pick.

Now You’re an Expert on Flower Color Meanings!

We’ve now explored flower color symbolism and the different inferences you need to be aware of when gifting a bouquet or planning your wedding. The choice of flowers you make can send an important message to loved ones and friends.

I hope you enjoyed this article about flower colour meanings. Please let me know your thoughts!

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