An Essential Guide to Travel Photography

Whether you’re seeing the world or exploring your town it’s always good to know how to take memorable photographs isn’t it? So, what are the travel photography essentials? I’ve teamed up with who share with us the do’s and don’ts of travel photography.

The world is your oyster where photography is concerned, with so many memorable images waiting to be captured across the globe. And the resources available to us are better and more varies than ever before. Most of us already appreciate the joys of taking photos from exploring away from home, with 98% of people in a Topdeck Travel survey that they took photos when travelling. Perhaps being away from the day to day grind frees up the mind and the hands.

I really love photography. Anyone who knows me definitely knows that. And my favourire type of pgotography by far is travel photography. I have been lucky enough to have travelled quite a bit in these last few years. On a very tight budget, I might add!

One of my biggest travel regrets, however, is that I do not always have my camera to hand when the best photo opportunities arise. Either that or I am simply not in the mood to snap away because I would rather enjoy the moment than think about how to capture the perfect shot. Maybe I’m over-thinking things a bit too much!

So I can honestly say that when it comes to photography, love does not always equate to success! There is a lot more to taking photos than meets the eye and while some may have a natural gift for knowing what angle and light to use, for example, some of us struggle. I’m one of those who certainly could do with using a good guide to travel photography.

From what to pack to what to photograph in different locations across the world check out this essential guide to travel photography.

An Essential Guide to Travel Photography

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