Hair Chat – How My Hair Has Changed in My 30’s


Ever since I can remember I’ve been blessed with a head of beautiful locks. I know it sounds arrogant, but trust me, it’s not. It’s a fact. I had a thick head of hair and as a typical youngster, I thought that my luck would last forever. I was wrong. You know when your grandmothers and mothers give you advice based on their life experience? Well, you should heed it!

I started experimenting with my colour when I was 16. I also used heat tools with no protection and went against the nature of my naturally wavy hair by willing it to be stick-straight. Fast forward to my 30’s and my hair has transformed from a head full of lush goodness to a head of hair that constantly needs TLC. So, what changes have happened to my hair in my 30’s, let’s see.

Texture & Moisture

The texture has gone from silky soft to a brittle mess! I now have to make a conscious effort to focus on hydrating it. Leave in masks, serums, and conditioner is a must have at this point. I always figured that conditioning after shampooing would do the trick, but now I also apply serums and heat protection when I style my hair along with a weekly deep conditioning mask. It’s been working a treat and something essential to model hair!

Colour & Greys

Yes, it pains me to say it but I have a tonne of greys! Ok, ok, not a tonne, but much more than I am proud to be sporting at such a relatively young age. I had blonde ambition when I was younger, but the older I got the more I embraced the natural shades in my brunette hair. Unfortunately, I am now in a bit of a bind as conserving it in its natural state is becoming tedious as the random greys make their appearance shortly after I have coloured it. Over-processing has also led to dryness so even though I love highlighted hair I am steering more towards more natural chocolate brown or deep reds.

Thickness & Hair Loss

The most obvious change has been its fullness. It may not be obvious to many, but it’s obvious to me and it makes me feel quite self-conscious. I still have a lot of hair, but the reality is that I lose hair left and right! Add to that hormonal health issues and my hairline has been suffering the most.

So much so that aside from the quick fix of a fringe, I have been considering the FUE transplant cost. It may not be imminently in the cards, but it’s good to know what the options are in case it ever got to an extreme.    

Have you experienced any change in your hair as you have aged? Any tips, do share in the comments below!

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