Hair Clippers Guide – How to Cut Hair At Home During Covid

The COVID-19 pandemic has deprived individuals all across the globe of socializing, enjoying hobbies, sticking to their routines, and taking care of their appearance. Due to the new lockdowns on a worldwide level, most barbers had to close their studios once again.

Therefore, men have no other alternative but to cut their hair at home. Using a set of clippers isn’t complicated once you get a knack of it.
We hope this hair clippers guide proves helpful during your first home haircut.

Wash your hair

Prior to starting your hairstyling experience as an amateur barber, make sure you have a good wash and have clean hands. Bear in mind that greasy hair is likely to get entangled in the clippers, as well as cause difficulties while combing it. It’s important to use a conditioner so as to eliminate any knots that might obstruct the process.

In addition, your hair is supposed to be properly combed and dried before cutting it. Some people prefer it wet, as it’s easier for them to use the electric device. However, in the latter scenario, it’s possible for the outcome not to match your expectations. Read here why dry haircuts are believed to provide better results than wet haircuts.

Get prepared

The following step is selecting the right place for performing the activity, as giving yourself a haircut can be rather messy. If possible, do it outdoors or in your garage but make sure you have a mirror at hand. When it comes to having a haircut inside the house, the bathroom would be the most suitable choice of place. In order to prevent hair from sticking to your clothes, you’re advised to cover your shoulders with a smooth, silky piece of cloth.

Set the clippers to the right guard

Before setting the clippers to the right length, make sure you understand the numbering system. Shorter cuts are done by setting the device to a small number, whereas longer cuts require users to set the clippers to a bigger number.

Moreover, men are advised to start trimming the sides before moving to the back of the head. It’s paramount to move the device in the opposite direction of the growth of hair, hence moving slowly from the bottom of the sides to the top, just by using the edge of the blade. Once you are done trimming one side of your head, repeat the same action on the other side.

After trimming the sides, it’s time to do cutting in the back of your head. This step is undoubtedly the trickiest in the procedure, as people can’t check the results while trimming. Make sure you trim slowly in the same direction, from the neck to the top of the head, while using a small mirror to track the progress. Take a look at the ten most popular hairstyles for men on this link,

Hair Clippers Guide - How to Cut Hair At Home During Covid

Don’t forget to fade the lower half

In order for you to cut your hair in a similar way your barber does, remember to fade the lower half of your head. Opt for one of the lower blade guards to create a proper fading effect. Move the clippers in the same way as previously in a slow manner.

Moreover, when approaching the sideburns, it’s time to stop using the clippers. The only way to shape them properly is by using scissors.

Finish with the top section

The ultimate step of your barber experience is taking care of the top section by setting the clippers to a higher number, such as the number four. You are supposed to move the device from the front to the back of the top section.

Nevertheless, men with curly and fairly long hair are recommended to use scissors. There is a variety of educative sites offering useful haircut guides for men during the quarantine. In case you need to use scissors, make sure you purchase a pair of hair scissors, as the household ones won’t do any good.

As long as you own high-quality clippers, nothing can stop you from giving yourself a haircut. After a few barber sessions and our hair clippers guide, you’ll become a pro!

I hope this hair clippers guide helps you!

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