4 Reasons to Use a Hand Cleansing Spray like Island Essence

How often do you wash your hands? The COVID-19 pandemic has made us aware of the significance of hygiene in the fight against viruses, germs, and pathogens. Whenever soap and water aren’t nearby, the best solution for keeping your hands sanitized is by using a hand cleansing spray. 

These products are designed small in order to be portable and convenient to use. Most sprays contain nourishing ingredients to prevent the skin from flaking and drying. There is a wide assortment of hand cleansing sprays online, such as Island Essence, capable of inactivating viruses and providing nourishment. 

These are the best reasons to use such a product


One of the best reasons for using a disinfectant is the portability of these products. Given soap isn’t portable, one should find an alternative way of maintaining cleanliness while on the go. Even if you have access to a water source, you still wouldn’t be able to wash your hands thoroughly without using soap. 

Since cleansing sprays easily fit into one’s bag or pocket, you can stay protected against germs and pathogens at all times. Every time you touch public surfaces, which are undoubtedly contaminated, you are only supposed to take the disinfectant out of the pocket or bag and remove the bacteria.

For instance, when purchasing a hot dog from a street vendor, there is no place to wash your hands prior to eating. In such cases, a cleansing spray is essential to keep hygiene at an optimal level. Nowadays, due to the global pandemic, using disinfectants is recommended even when visiting the store. 

Killing microorganisms

Another crucial reason for using such products is their ability to kill microorganisms. The bacteria sticking to your hands are either resident or transient. The former, as the name implies, reside under your skin, whereas the latter thrive on the surface.

When using a hand cleansing spray, the largest part of transient bacteria is removed from the surface of the skin. Visit this site to gain better insight into germs and hygiene. 

hand cleansing spray

Nevertheless, in order for the sanitizer you use to prove efficient in eliminating pathogens and germs, it has to contain at least sixty percent of ethyl alcohol. These products are believed to provide the best hygiene, which is vital in the fight with COVID-19. When shopping for such a product, make sure it contains ethyl alcohol, not isopropyl alcohol. 

Moreover, cleansing sprays significantly lower the risk of illnesses caused by exposing yourself to germs. Now more than ever, people need these products to reduce the chances of getting infected with the Coronavirus. In spite of the ongoing vaccination in most countries, using disinfectants should remain a daily habit. As long as you use them moderately and properly, you’ll be stopping the spread of germs. 

Softer skin

In spite of what most people think, disinfectants increase the moisture of the skin. Not all formulas are based solely on alcohol but contain moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin, aloe vera, and tea tree. For example, the tea tree is renowned for its ability to prevent viruses from multiplying, as well as for its role in impeding fungal growth. 

Furthermore, people with sensitive skin are advised to purchase a hand cleansing spray containing aloe vera. It prevents the skin from drying and getting inflamed while providing the necessary hydration. Instead of irritating the skin on your hands, it protects it by creating a layer. Check the following link, https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/318591, to study the health benefits of aloe vera, the plant native to the continent of North Africa. 

In addition, glycerin is another ingredient to look for in these sprays. It’s boasted for its role as a humectant, capable of retaining moisture. Also, you can shop for sanitizers containing essential oils and organic ingredients, proving disinfectants with a variety of scents. For instance, lemon and orange essential oils are commonly used in these products owing to their fresh scents and the role of natural disinfectants. 

Some hand cleansing sprays contain exotic ingredients such as the Naupaka flower, growing in close proximity to the ocean. Additionally, many disinfectants contain lavender and peppermint, known for their soothing and antibacterial properties. 

Convenient to use

Hand cleansing sprays are surprisingly convenient to use, as you only need to apply the liquid on both hands and rub them together for approximately thirty seconds. Nevertheless, make sure your skin isn’t dirty before using them, as disinfectants aren’t designed to clean the skin, just to disinfect it. Keep in mind that any dirt or oil on the surface of the skin will prevent the sanitizer from getting absorbed. Also, don’t forget to rub your hands until they are completely dry.

The bottom line

Cleanliness is essential for good health and low risk of diseases.

Don’t ever neglect it!


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