Happy Home, Happy You – Ways To Make Your Home Your Happy Place

Happy Home, Happy You

Home is the most important place in the world. It’s where we connect with our family and loved ones. A place where we can recover from the stresses that life throws our way, and the place where we should feel at our happiest and most secure. To live a life brimming with positivity, a happy home that you love is so, so important. Here are some of the ways you can create a happier home, and therefore a happier you.

Happy Home: Stop Wasting Money

Running a home is expensive, and there are certain costs that you simply can’t avoid. Your rent or mortgage, council tax and other essential bills are likely to be pretty fixed, so there’s not much you can do about them. But there are plenty of other ways you can cut costs and save money at home. And why wouldn’t you- after all, your money is hard earned. Why line the pockets of these big companies if you don’t have to?

Sometimes you need to spend a little upfront to make savings in the long run. Energy efficient windows, cavity wall and loft insulation and home solar panels, for example, all require an upfront investment. However, they will save you money on your heating bills thereafter. On top of this, they allow you to use less fuel which also benefits the environment- something we should all be aiming to do. When you save money on bills you have more to spend on things you love and enjoy. Things or experiences that will genuinely enrich your life.

Detox and Declutter

There’s so much truth to the saying ‘tidy home, tidy mind.’ Being surrounded by clutter and chaos is bad news for anyone’s mental health. If you’ve read any of my simple living posts, you’ll know I’m an advocate for organised and minimal living. Spend time removing things from your life that aren’t useful and no longer bring you joy.

Aim to create a serene and relaxing environment at home, after all this place is your respite from the world. With spring on the horizon, you could consider doing a traditional spring clean and tackling all of the jobs around the home that get missed on a regular day of cleaning. You’re bound to feel so much happier and clear-headed once it’s all done.

Take Care of Your Home For Happiness

Even simple everyday habits like making your bed each morning have been shown to contribute to overall positivity. Studies have even suggested that bed makers tend to be happier and more successful! As well as taking care of your home, it makes you feel productive and ‘together’.

Plus let’s face it, it’s far nicer to retire to made bed each evening instead of a pile of rumpled sheets. Displaying fresh flowers is another practice that makes you feel good, and has been shown to improve overall happiness. Plus they look cheery and can bring colour and texture to a minimalist room.

Don’t see chores as a chore! Enjoy your home, and embrace creating a happy home.

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