Life Update – My Health and My Cancer Diagnosis

I suppose you can say that this post is going to be a bit of a chatty one. It’s been about the time that we have a good old chinwag, or whatever the blogging equivalent may be. Truth is that I’ve been quite elusive as of late. Maybe some of you may have noticed my social media absence. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, there have been some important health revelations going on. I haven’t said much, other than in a blink and you’ll miss it Instagram story on the My Dreamality Instagram page. But today is as good a day as any to have a chat and tell you a bit about the C word and how cancer, is for me, the new normal. So grab a cuppa and let’s chat about mobility aids, my health, and my cancer diagnosis.

First things first, I am not really going to get into the scientific or medical bits about it. I really feel that that’s another story for another day. I’m also not going to go back to square one. It’s still quite difficult despite the newness of things. I thought in this post I would jump right in and tell you what the past couple of months have been like when it comes to the day to day. Especially when it comes to my mobility.

My Cancer Diagnosis 

My cancer diagnosis came after years of gynaecological health issues. Heavy periods led to a tumour and that has led to finding out that I have endometrial cancer. Emotionally it’s still a numbing subject. But as soul-crushing as it can be, there are instances that you just seem to forget. I have had 2 surgeries to date, after only having been diagnosed a month and a half ago. Despite the fear of the worst, the prognosis has been a good one. My cancer has been determined to be stage 1, which is absolutely brilliant considering the circumstances. And my cervical smear test came back normal.

Even though the big picture is one full of optimism, the reality is that my day to day has been altered. One of the major issues that I suffered as a consequence of the heavy periods was anaemia. I’m telling you, it was severe. So much so that I’m sure I’m made up of equal parts donor blood as I am my own. It’s been better nowadays but the fatigue that is associated with it is absolutely draining.

Pair that with the need for post-op recuperation and I’ve been quite sedentary. I’ve still been able to potter about at home, but when it comes to things like doing the weekly shop, I have needed assistance. I am not in any way shape or form at the severe end of the cancer spectrum, but it’s not easy when your body just isn’t working as it should be. That can be due to any health issue, really.

The thing is, I am grateful that I have people around me to do the shop for me. I have help at home. I really don’t need to do anything. But my philosophy is that I am going to do what I can for myself as long as I am able to.

Mobility is Important for Your Self-Esteem

I’ve had quite the bad run when it comes to my health in the past 3-4 years. Not only was I dealing with the gynaecological issues, but I also had a few falls and some pretty bad injuries. During this time I went from being independent and able to live a “normal” life to having to receive assistance for everything, really. I had to be wheeled around whenever I left the house and even when I was anywhere other than at my home. It was a very difficult time. I couldn’t wash on my own. I couldn’t drive anymore. And I couldn’t do anything that required walking – which means many things were out of the question.

Then, when I could walk, my anaemia was so bad that I shouldn’t walk and exert myself. As my independence took hits so did my self-esteem. It became so difficult to do some of my favourite things – shop, travel, and frankly, just live! This is why being able to be in charge of my own movements made a massive difference in my life in the past, and is making a huge difference to my day to day now.

Why You Should Use Mobility Aids Regardless of Your Age

One major misconception is that mobility aids should only be used by those with very severe mobility impairment or disability. Or that they should be reserved for the older generations. None of those is quite true! Wheelchairs have helped me in the past and my favourite accessory when I go shopping is using the shops’ mobility scooter. It has been such a lifesaver and has actually helped me enjoy myself around the shops, just like I used to! I’m in my mid 30’s and I haven’t felt like I shouldn’t be using the mobility scooter or mobility trolley.

Of course, it would be great to have my own mobility scooter as sometimes some aren’t available in the shops or some shops don’t even have any for you to use. I’ve taken a look at mobility scooter pricing and am glad to be informed to be able to hopefully make a decision soon. 

The most important thing to me, aside from my physical health, is to maintain my mental health as intact as possible. Sure, things can get on top of you. And things are especially difficult when you know that you are fighting off cancer. The thing is, that my independence is so important to me. I can’t see myself not being able to go out and dread to think about not being able to travel. Depending on mobility aids is a gift really! And one that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Gone are the days of having to be confined to your home if you can’t function 100%! 

There are different companies that make it easy for you to sort out your mobility needs but I like wheelchairs from Fenetic Wellbeing. As a plus size lady, it can be difficult to have to stress about that on top of whatever your health-related issue may be. Knowing that I can find a chair that is wider or sturdier when needed makes thinks just that much easier. I don’t really care about being embarrassed as I have always felt that life is too short to worry about such things. More-so now that my life has changed due to one word! My life may go back to “normal” or it may get harder. As of this point, I’m unsure. What I do know is that my mobility is not going to set me back. Now or ever.

in collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing / all thoughts and opinions are my own
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