Hello 2017 ♥ New Year Resolutions

As always, I’m a little late to the party and am posting my new year resolutions post almost a week into the new year. I suppose part of it is having to do with whether or not I was even going to make my resolutions/goals public and part of it was thinking about what it is exactly that I wanted to use this clean slate to achieve.

I know many people out there scoff at the thought of new years resolutions, and with good reason. These resolutions tend to have a short life span and rarely do we tend to see these goals reach a state of completion. That being said, I love the feeling (if only mental) of a clean slate and knowing that even though it is only by the turning of a calendar page we are leaving a lot of things that bring negativity behind.


I don’t tend to go for resolutions that are typical. My goal is never to go to the gym, or go on a crazy crash diet. I suppose I am too self aware to know that all of that isn’t achievable. I guess that is one of the upsides of failing in life, you eventually learn the lessons you are meant to.

I do have goals that I want to share for the sake of community and accountability and I hope you will also share your goals with me too so we can help each other reach them.

  • blog more candidly
  • start vlogging
  • dare to get in front of the camera (for outfit posts)
  • move house
  • take care of my physical appearance as much as I did when I was single
  • invest in myself (both personally and in my blog)
  • make friends 
  • invest in relationships that are reciprocal
  • be healthier


I like choosing a word every new year that will help me through and help me keep the focus. Sometimes it’s a word that I have intentionally thought out and sometimes it’s a word that just fits the state of my current mindset. My word (thus far) for 2017 is ADAPTABILITY. I tend to be a rigid person when it comes to many things, and sometimes focus on only the one way to reach my goals – personal and professional, which is why adaptability is such an apt word.

I want to be more adaptable and want to be ready to take on different situations in life with a more positive attitude.


My phrase of the year or mantra this year is “bringing sexy back”. It sounds a bit worthy of an eye roll, but hear me out on this. I have spent so much of the last couple of years in a bit of a rut. I have been focused on one specific goal that I have let myself down as a woman.

My goal has been motherhood, and I have put all of my eggs in that basket (no pun intended) that I stopped thinking of myself as the individual that I used to be and only thought of myself as a potential mother. This is another story for another day, but the liberation of that mindset and having set aside that goal for now has helped me realise once again that I am a hot, young, sexy woman who needs to embrace the parts of herself she has let go.

I haven’t opened up on my blog in a long time, and that felt good! I hope you are setting goals that set your soul on fire and my wish for your is that everything you wish for comes true. Do let me know your goals/resolutions for the year and let’s keep each other accountable!