Here’s How To Choose Happiness Every Day

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You may have noticed the title of this post refers to how you can choose happiness every day. Keyword: choose. Not be happy. Choose happiness. You may have heard before, that happiness is a choice. Many will say that this isn’t true, but you can, in fact, decide how you’re going to feel at any given moment. It’s all about perspective. Sometimes, if you’re feeling low, you just need to flip it.

Choose Happiness: Flip The Situation You’re In

Look at the situation you’re in long and hard. Are you dramatizing it? Maybe it’s not as bad as you’re making out? Maybe it is pretty bad, but maybe there are good things about the situation too. There’s always a way to flip the situation, and usually, once you’ve decided to see it from another point of view, things will magically improve.

Start Listening To The Other Voice

When people feel sad, or anxious, it’s usually because they are listening to the voice that tells them they’re not good enough, the one that makes excuses, and the one that just isn’t very nice in general. We all know that voice! Start listening to the other voice. It may be quiet at first, but you can bet that that voice is rooting for you all the way. Turn up the volume and see what it says!

Choose Happiness: Fake It Until You Make It

This doesn’t mean you should hide your true feelings, bottle them up, and deal with them alone. However, studies show that by simply improving your posture and smiling for no reason, people start to feel happier by default. Force that smile on your face for a while and see if it lightens your mood.

Look at the infographic below to learn more about happiness and how it can actually correlate with money!

Here's How To Choose Happiness Every Day
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